How do prepare for a written test

How do prepare for a written test

How do prepare for a written test

            Writing tests is a part of schools, colleges, How do prepare for written test entrance examinations as well as in employment applications and it forms a real part of life. However, writing tests are formulaic and one should know the formula properly in order to appear for the writing tests.

The tips for preparing for a written exam is a time consuming task and it is divided into three sections-

  • The first section mentions about the preparation and practice before the examination,
  • The second section discusses about the preparation which is needed during the examination the last and,
  • The third part talks about the things which are needed to be avoided during and before the examination.

A description of these three sections is given below-

1. Preparation and Practice before the examination

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Any essay writingor report during the time of the examination requires synthesis of materials and it needs preparation beforehand and cannot be done in the time period of 20-30 minutes during the time of the examination. There are certain things which are needed to be done before the examination and these things are mentioned below-

  • Anticipation of the test questions-

The students can go through the question papers of last few exams. The students need to assess the type of the questions whether the questions need application of any theory, whether the theories are similar or contrast in nature, whether there is any requirement of argument or not.

  • Practice of writing-

The students should try practicing the summary or description of the subject matter in writing. This will help to increase the speed of writing since time is a constraint during the time of examination.

  • Memorizing of the key facts and events- In order to support the evidence the students need to involve certain key facts and events therefore, he or she should memorize such events or facts.
  • Organization of ideas- The student should devote a considerable amount of time for organizing the thoughts and ideas about the subject matter

2. During the examination

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The students have the habit of writing furiously after getting the question paper but it should be avoided instead the following points should be used.

  • The student should try performing a memory dump and should write down the information which he or she has memorized.
  • The students should read all the questions along with the instructions carefully and use the wording of the questions in their own answers.
  • The students should organize all the supporting points before proceeding with the answers and make an outline of the points which summarizes the main supporting points. Organic Food
  • The students should try writing the examination like GRE test with the help of persuasive argument.

3. Things which are needed to be avoided

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Normally, the exams are stressful for the students and they may become blank sometimes and run out of time or sometimes it may happen that an important part has been missed out during the time of studying for the test. However, this can be overcome with good preparation and proper time management. There are certain tips which can help the students with their written examination. These tips are discussed below-

  • The students should try avoiding excuses.
  • The students should not unnecessarily elaborate the answers with irrelevant content

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