How to Draw Godzilla Easily

How to Draw Godzilla Easily

How to Draw Godzilla. Monsters have been a staple of cinema since the medium’s inception. There’s something about big, scary creatures that have fascinated audiences for generations.

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Some of these beasts have become iconic and recognizable characters. One of them is certainly the monstrous lizard: Godzilla.

Since this monster’s first appearance in a Japanese film in 1954, Godzilla has appeared in countless media and gained many fans.

Many of these fans would like to show their love for this monster and may be wondering how to learn to draw Godzilla.

This step-by-step Godzilla drawing guide will show you how to create fantastic scenes with this classic monster!

How to Draw Godzilla

Step 1

To begin this guide to drawing Godzilla, let’s start with a line that will form the back and beginning of Godzilla’s tail.

The line will have some curves as it slopes slightly horizontally. There will also be a small sharp point near the end of the bottom line for the tip of his tail.

The reference image will show you how it should look, and if you’re happy with that, we’re ready for the next step!

Step 2

Godzilla has some distinctive plates that stick out on its back, much like the plates of a stegosaurus.

In this next step, we’ll draw some of these for your Godzilla drawing. These slabs are made with some jagged lines, which are quite irregular in size and shape as they go down.

Step 3

In most of Godzilla’s appearances, he has a short, squat face. We will add that very face in this guide step on how to draw Godzilla!

The head will come out of the line you drew for its back. His eyes and mouth are at the ends of his long face, and his eyes are also quite small.

You can follow the reference image to see what the face should look like.

Step 4

We’ll add his first arm for this part of your Godzilla drawing. Godzilla’s arms are long and thick, so we’re depicting him in this image.

It bends slightly, and there are sharp points at the end for its claws. Once you’ve drawn that arm, you can use a curved, slightly jagged line for his stomach.

Finally, add another curved line from the base of the tail to give it its big thick cock.

Step 5

Godzilla has long, strong legs that match his arms so we will draw the former in this step of our how-to-draw Godzilla guide.

The leg will be even thicker than his arm and have sharp nails.

Finally, once you’ve drawn this leg, you can add a line in its tail to create its underside.

Step 6

You’ve already drawn an arm and leg for your Godzilla drawing, so you should have no problem adding more in this next step!

First, draw another arm from Godzilla’s side, as seen in the reference image. The hand on that arm is at a slightly different angle than the other arm. They also draw the other leg that detaches from the body.

Step 7

In this seventh step of our guide on drawing Godzilla, we will add some final details before proceeding to the last step.

You can add small lines all over his body to give Godzilla a textured, scaly look. Then you can draw lines on his joints to create folds in his skin.

We chose these details, but what additional details can you think of? You could draw a city below him and fly helicopters around him to create an action-packed scene!

Step 8

For that final part of your Godzilla drawing, you can bring it to life with some amazing colors.

This step is where you should be as creative and bold as you want with your colors! This is your design, so make it look exactly how you want it.

Godzilla has made many appearances in different iterations, so this is your chance to create your version of the famous monster.

Once you know what colors you want to use, you can have fun with your chosen artistic mediums!

Do you opt for bold mediums like acrylics and colored markers, or keep it more subtle with watercolors and colored pencils? There are no bad choices, so we can’t wait to see what you choose!

Your Godzilla Drawing is Finished!