Cancer Warning On Cigarette Packaging

Cancer Warning On Cigarette Packaging

Since the beginning of time, cigarettes were not considered as harmful as they are being done now. Defamed by the warning signs which covers almost 70% of the whole cigarette box in Asian countries and the Cigarette Packaging USA ensures that almost 30% of the box is covered by the signs of warning which explicitly tells us how bad of an influence they really are on the youth and not just on the youth, but on every individual too.

The whole concept about smoking has changed from what it was in the beginning. People these days tend to smoke because they actually want to show off, teenagers usually start the act in search of attention from other teenagers that they do get. But at the cost of what? In the early era, in the era without internet, without social media accounts, without people stalking other people all around the globe, people were more mature than they are now. They knew the risks of it, they knew how this might affect their health, despite the fact that it looks cool to smoke? And why? Because no one was actually onto any other person in order to attract them and to show them off. 

It’s never easy! 

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Well if you really knew everything you needed to know about how bad of an influence smoking really is, and what are all the negative effects of doing it, you  never would have start it in the first place. Know it now that there are 16 different types of cancers that are caused by smoking tobacco which include;

  • Cancer of the lungs
  • Cancer of the livers
  • Cancer of the stomach
  • Cancer of the pancreas
  • Cancer of the esophagus

And these are all the end results of smoking. The masses who smoke have to get through a lot to reach one of these states and coughing is the most common of the lot, and the most disturbing too.

People start smoking out of curiosity, out of fashion or maybe out of their needs. But whenever they think of quitting it, they start knowing that it’s never easy. As easy as it is to start these acts, it is never ever that easy to leave them. 


The tobacco regimes are holding their end of the bargain by warning the masses about the causes of smoking by indicating the warnings on the Cigarette Packaging. The warning labels sometimes show the explicit content featuring the pictures of real smokers who are harmed by their habit of it, it shows disturbing pictures of lungs, livers or even tonsils to make sure that people know about how dangerous it can be. The other times, the companies just put a warning in black and white that labels; “WARNING” or “SMOKING CAUSES CANCER”. People do tend to leave cigarettes because of it as they keep on seeing these images on and on every day and they realize how truly bad it is for their health. The rest of the masses either are not bothered by these warnings, or they just buy Disposable Cigarette Boxes to keep their cigarettes. 

Irony of being Nature Friendly 

Companies have made boxes that are actually used to store cigarettes and are ecofriendly at the same time. These are either made out of paper or steel or even wood to reduce the disposal of them. People keep these boxes for longer times as their initiative is to keep their cigarettes in them and not buy the whole pack every time. Moreover, these boxes also look far better than the original packaging of cigarettes as the people don’t have to see the warning signs every time they pick out a cigarette to smoke. Because of the reason of looking extra, standing out from the rest and not regretting every time you see your pack of cigarettes, people buy these boxes but they probably say it out loud that these are good for the environment (that they are) and are easily disposable. 

Your box, your call 

There’s a new trend these days of custom made cigarette boxes that are designed the way an individual wants them to be and that’s seriously cool. Anyone can have anything drawn onto their pack of cigarettes. From their own pictures, their own art to their favorite movie themes or celebrities or almost anything at all. There are vendors all over the internet who take orders for custom made boxes. There are even custom made Paper Cigarette Boxes For Sale all over the internet, all you have to do is type in what you want to buy and the search results will guide you through the rest. There is this new trend of buying Vintage Cigarette Boxes and obviously as the name suggests, they look like antiques and are either made of very old wood, silver or retro gold. There are other categories to it but these are the most common ones used by the people.

There is no special need for extensive marketing for these products because of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There are many online vendors who would take orders on any of these social media apps and get back to you in days. They are fast and efficient and they naturally gain trust by the number of followers they have and the works they have done as they keep people updated about everything via pictures and posts.

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