Why Celebrities Prefer Clubhouse and How Room makes it Special

Why Celebrities Prefer Clubhouse and How Room makes it Special

Why Celebrities Prefer Clubhouse and How Room makes it Special?

Clubhouse is one of the most popular live audio platforms that allow users to connect with other users and join groups based on their interests. The app was initially available only for iOS users, but subsequently it was launched for Android users in May this year.

Celebrities on Clubhouse

People started noticing Clubhouse when Elon Musk first talked about aliens on this app. Soon other celebrities followed him on this new social voice. Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook and Malcolm Gladwell began hosting rooms on this exciting voice app. It didn’t take long for BTS to realise that it’s an awesome platform to connect with fans.

What’s Special about Clubhouse?

You have to try it to understand why it’s such an amazing app. It’s the modern avatar of radio, with features such as “clubs” and “rooms” where users can interact with the hosts. It’s similar to Instagram where you can follow others, and at the same time you can have your own followers. You are free to choose the topic you wish to talk on. Why Celebrities Prefer Clubhouse and How Room makes it Special

Why the App is So Exciting?

How would you feel listening to a celebrity like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Guy Kawasaki live? That is what makes the Clubhouse app exciting. You heard these people in an interview, or some event that are mostly the edited version of the original recording. Here, you listen to them live, and the best part is – you can also ask a question.

When Elon Musk all of a sudden came to Clubhouse and started talking, it was absolute frenzy. In fact, that particular event created a lot of interest among social media users about this app. And the very next day, Mark Zuckerberg appears on this voice app, and begins talking about AR and VR. Then came Guy Kawasaki, Apple’s evangelist, and his room kept crashing like an ancient Windows 95.

Creativity at Its Best

The creativity on Clubhouse is mind-boggling with out of the world entertainment. Especially the trivia show produced by a user known as ‘The Rundown’ in which ex US President Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump participated. In that program, questions on pop culture were asked by the character Jigsaw from the horror movie Saw, and participants were supposed to slap the buzzer if they knew the right answer. The entire cast of Bling Empire also appeared on the app, and talked about their new reality show on Netflix.

One of the most interesting events on Clubhouse took place when Malcolm Gladwell recently spoke about Adam Grant’s new book that must have given new perspectives to a lot of people. Then there was this room styled for Shark Tank, the well-known entrepreneur of TV shows, featuring Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, and Kevin O’Leary. They all conducted themselves in a very casual and polite manner.Why Celebrities Prefer Clubhouse and How Room makes it Special

A Room for Conversation

A Clubhouse room allows you to audio chat with a chosen group of friends or contacts from your wider social network. These rooms help you to keep in touch with those you already know and also meet interesting people from all over the world. You can create a room immediately, or schedule one for a convenient date in the future.

Why Celebrities Prefer Clubhouse and How Room makes it Special

The company also recently scrapped the invite-only option and made the app available to all users. The Android app has been downloaded over 10 million times on the Google Play Store. The popularity of room on Clubhouse among youngsters has also motivated social channels like Connect app to include this feature. 

In the clubhouse, the room is basically meant for conversation among participants. Anyone is free to join an open room to become part of the ongoing conversation. However, in a closed room, the user has the option to limit the number of friends or followers. You can also start your own room on this platform.

How to Start an Open Room in a Clubhouse?

If you have already downloaded the Clubhouse on your mobile, open the app, and tap on the +Start, you will see a Room icon on the home page of the app. Now select the Social option from the sub-menu. You can also choose a topic of your choice. Next tap on ‘Let’s go’ option. Now you are free to invite people. Go ahead and click by pressing the + button and ping your friends to include them in your Clubhouse Room. The process for starting a social room is almost similar to an open form. While anyone can join an open room, a social room is only meant for your followers.

How to Start a Closed Room at Clubhouse?

Just tap on the + Start, you will find a Room icon located on the home page of the app. Now select the closed option from the sub-menu. Here also, you can choose a topic of your choice. Now click on the ‘Choose People’ option, and select friends you want to include in the room. If two users mutually follow each other on Clubhouse, then both of them can start a closed room. They should simply tap on their icon and click on ‘Start a Closed Room Together’ option.

How to Start a Room with Your Clubs?

After opening the Clubhouse app, tap on the + Start, to reach the Room icon located on the home page of the app. Now select ‘Club’ from the sub-menu, and also add a topic as per your choice.Here, you should click on the three dots option to open the room for visitors and share the link. Now you’re free to invite more people by clicking the + button and pinging your friends.

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