free plagiarism checker for teachers

checker for teachers

Several plagiarism checker tools exist on the Internet. for teachers Useful in detecting any kind of copied content, these tools are used in educational institutions, online academic writing services on religion assignment help and many other spheres. Plagiarism checking tools compare content with all available information from a database. Several algorithms run simultaneously and crosscheck critical words & phrases.

plagiarism checker software

Here are some of the best tools found online:

  1. Grammarly

One of the leading plagiarism checker tools, Grammarly is an online writing tool developed using natural language processing and deep machine learning to crosscheck any content with billions of other online articles.

free plagiarism checker for teachers

Grammarly checks plagiarism along with spelling and other grammatical mistakes. It has backend processes running in the Lips language and is used by students & researchers all over the world. It offers free service with limited functionality. Premium services with access to all advanced features start at $139.95 a year.

  • Turnitin

A reputed plagiarism detection software based in the USA, Turnitin is mostly used by schools and universities as software for service. This software checks submitted documents for any similarities with any existing source. Turnitin checks with documents in its databases and with other databases in agreement. plagiarism checker software

Using Turnitin requires a student to have a valid Class ID number and class enrollment key. The website does not offer any individual commercial package.

  • Copyscape

It is an online plagiarism checking detection service used by proprietary content owners. Copyscape is primarily used by content writers to check for content theft. The software checks whether a particular content appears somewhere else on the web. Cases of content fraud are also monitored using this tool. and

The software shows several web pages that contain similarities with original content. The service also continually monitors the web for any new content and thereby verifies the originality of all submitted content. Users have the options to use Copyscape Premium to prove authenticity or CopySentry to prevent content fraud, with each service in a premium commercial package, and free plagiarism checker for teachers

  • PlagScan

Another plagiarism detecting software widely used by academic institutions, PlagScan compares any submission with numerous online articles, web journals and its internal archive. It uses similar algorithms to check for plagiarism in any content, and free plagiarism checker for teachers

Users typically can register through single user packages or can mass register as an organization. The website offers separate plans for private usage, educational plans for high schools & similar institutions and professional plans for large organizations.

So use these plagiarism checkers to ensure that your submission is authentic and unique.

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