5 Method to increase your e-commerce sales with Instagram

5 Method to increase your e-commerce sales with Instagram

Instagram is a wide platform and provides a lot of different features to its users. Instagram has above 1 billion active users. Each user on Instagram has an account and utilizing the features of Instagram. Most people on Instagram search for new products, shops, celebrities, and others. While some people have their own business to promote.

To start a business on Instagram all you have to do is to first shift your user account to a business account and then set your profile and bio. Bio is the main thing that gives the reason to the users to follow you. It is not as easy to start a business on Instagram as it looks likes.

You have to do a lot of effort to gain followers. The more followers you will have more money you can get from this platform. You can even earn from a third party for example you can promote the different brand’s product by writing reviews on your blogs and you will get paid based on views.

There are many factors you have to consider when you start your business. There are many method to increase your Instagram followers, more followers means more traffic and sales. Some of the methods to increase your sales on Instagram are mentioned below.

Know your Target Audience:

Target audience plays an important factor when your start the business. You can even buy the target audience but this procedure is not secure and legit. When you start your business campaign on Instagram you have to consider many factors about your audience such as age, location, gender, and much more.

You should have an idea of the likes and dislikes of your audience. Don’t post the content that targets your audience. You can even find your target audience from the feature provided by Instagram. Go to the setting there you will see the option of insight click on that option and Instagram will provide you the target audience based on your analytic.

Use swipe up feature:

By using this feature you have a great chance of increasing your sales on Instagram. When you post something on your feed there are fewer chances that the users on Instagram will see it if. Most people are only interested in stories not on the profile if they find your content interesting then they visit your profile. But you need gain your followers if you want traffic from swipe up feature.

Through the swipe up feature if users like the product on your Instagram story and they want to purchase it they don’t have to go back to your bio and open the link they can simply click on swipe up and will be directed directly to the website and from there they can purchase the product. In this way, you have great chances of increasing your eCommerce sales on Instagram.

Use Hashtags:

Using a hashtag is also one of the best ways to increase your e-commerce sales on Instagram. The maximum limit of a hashtag that you can use is 30. You should create your hashtag and use that hashtag under each post and on your story.

The advantage will be that for example if your hashtag is somewhat like #furniturebrand. When some users will search for the keyword furniture your hashtag will appear in the top searches. You can also use trending hashtags and utilize them for your brand. There are many different apps through which you can get the trending hashtags and they will also tell you the audience using that hashtag.

Once your e-commerce sales grow you will need a hashtag that is only yours and then use that hashtag under each image and video you post.

Giveaways on Instagram:

Giveaways are also the best strategy to increase traffic on your account and chances to increase e-commerce sales. When you post something related to giveaways always set some requirements such as tag 3 friends, post on your story, and others.

In this way, a chain will be started and your product will be seen by and purchased by almost all the users on Instagram. This strategy is quite useful and will help you greatly in increasing your productivity. And always set the reminder such as stay tunes for the winner to keep the audience engaged.

Embed Instagram feed on website

To increase Instagram following, it is important that more people get to know about it. And what can be a better option than promoting it on your own website? You can opt to embed Instagram feed on websites and provide a sneak into your Instagram presence to your website visitors. And as they have the option to view your content, they might follow you as well.

Various tools such as social media aggregators help you in this cause and ease your embedding process. Moreover, Instagram feeds on the website, also improves the overall look and feel of the website and adds charm. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Provide Link and URL:

Always provide the link and URL of your brand website in your Instagram bio. Because if someone wants to purchase the product mentioned in your feed he/she will have to go to the website. So if you have already mentioned your link in your bio it will be easy for the customer to buy the product. You can also provide the link to your Instagram stories.