What Mistakes Game Developers Do During Video Game Marketing

What Mistakes Game Developers Do During Video Game Marketing

What Mistakes Game Developers Do During Video Game Marketing

Even one or two decades ago, the word ‘gamer’ What Mistakes Game Developers Do During Video Game Marketing portrayed loners busy with their video games. They were ready to spend on game enhancements. Thus, the players were a niche demographic. The craze of video gaming was still there, but there was a limitation to marketing video games. And now, with 3.03 billion gamers worldwide the market is getting overcrowded, opening up extensive exposure for video game marketing.

Still, Whether developing mobile video games or consoles, game marketing sounds like a melange of challenge and mystery, full of traps and rewards to a mobile game development company. If you can’t beat the challenges, the mystery of effective marketing strategies will remain an enigma. It will lead you to fall into the traps for sure.

What Mistakes Game Developers Do During Video Game Marketing
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Instead of learning about the rewards,blockchain game development company let’s get a clear picture of the possible traps that hinder your marketing efforts to win the crowd. So, we will not discuss the components of a robust video game marketing strategy but the common mistakes of the marketers that make their efforts to capitalize on the game an utter failure.

Common Mistakes in Video Game Marketing

 Following are the common mistakes video game studios and individual game developers do wile marketing their video games:

Initiating with a Blur Vision

Focus always matters, especially for video game development. First, you need to decide the niche of your game. And after the development, you need to determine what kind of video game marketing strategies you choose. So, having a good plan always helps to make the right decision. Many game development companies must focus on the relevant aspects that may help them decide on marketing strategies.

What Mistakes Game Developers Do During Video Game

For example, a blockchain game development company should concentrate on developing blockchain-powered video games like NFTs and others. In addition, they must look out for platforms, social media channels, Etc., where people are searching for blockchain-based games. When they successfully search for blockchain-pivoting platforms, it will become easier for them to find their targeted audience and generate engagement and revenue. and What Mistakes Game Developers Do During Video Game Marketing

What Mistakes Game Developers Do During Video Game Marketing

How to Solve it

  • Try not to have a cloudy vision.
  • Stay focussed on your marketing plans from day one.

Marketing to the Wrong Audience

Both the mobile and PC-based video game markets are bursting at the seams. Reaching out to game communities to share your game design and development experiences and challenges is no big deal. What Mistakes Game Developers Do During Video Game Marketing It is fine. But have you sketched out your targeted audience? Unless you market your game to the players who will enjoy your game, how can you expect the positive impact of your video game marketing efforts?

How to Solve it

  • Research your targeted audience.
  • Only talk a little about the design and development part.
  • Shed light on the fun part of the game.

Relying on PR too much

Most of the time, due to having a strict budget, individual game developers to the small game studios rely on Public Relations too much. They think it is their only effective marketing strategy. Whether it is through magazines, social media channels, or blogs, PR is a good marketing strategy beyond any dob. But, if you want to make the crowd through the only PR, you will need something else. PR should be one of the many components of your marketing strategy.

How to Solve it

  • Visualize your marketing goal.
  • Learn to visualize PR as one component of your entire marketing campaign.

Expecting to Win a Crowd without USP

USP stands for Unique Selling Point. Like any other online product, games and their expansion packs also have USP. How can you make your game lucrative among your competitors without setting a unique selling point?

Game developments get driven by passion; it is true. But, you must identify why gamers would love to play your game. Instead of living in delusion, you love the game, and so do your gamers. Try to point out the USP and present it to the world to make your game irresistible.

How to Solve it

  • Look out for similar games.
  • Compare their offering to yours.
  • Analyze if there is any extensive fun in your game or not.
  • It is advisable to flesh out and groom your gaming idea before it becomes too late to make changes.

Marketing only for Sometimes

Video game marketing is something you can focus on at the time of game launch. On the contrary, video game or mobile game marketing begins at the time of game release and continues as long as the game is alive. Many games fail not out of loose craftsmanship but due to failure in marketing.

How to Solve it

  • Build a strong community of your targeted audience.
  • Always keep them engaged with your game updates.
  • Answer your gamer’s queries.
  • Process Your Gamer’s feedback regularly.

Trying to Do Everything all by Yourself

Most individual game developers fall for this mistake. They think that they can handle everything, from game design to marketing. You may want to wear many hats, but can you manage them yourself? This overconfidence leads many gaming efforts down to doom.

How to Solve it

Concentrate on your strength and weakness. If game development is your strength, focus on that. Leave the marketing part to professionals.

 A Bizarre Budget Outline

Game design and development are not about a small expense. Game studios often spend the earth on game design and development, and there remains little to spend on marketing campaigns. So, a poorly handled marketing campaign fails to fetch the expected outcome.

How to Solve it

  • Draw your budget outline for each segment.
  • Set your budget for game design, development, and marketing.
  • With a perfect budget outline, your game marketing will never get neglected.


The video game market revenue will hit $583.69 billion by 2030. It is okay to first make mistakes in your video game marketing campaign. But, if the same mistakes sustain for a long time, a mobile game development company may not become able to maximize its revenue from the fast-growing video game market. So, you should correct mistakes in every marketing campaign step. Many gamer studios offer surefire tactics for game marketing efforts. By optimizing all the proven marketing channels and strategies, you can make your video game irresistible to your targeted games.

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