What is the meaning of Lenormand?

What is the meaning of Lenormand?

Lenormand is a form of cartomancy meaning ‘Game of Hope’. The Lenormand deck is one of the most popular card decks used in cartomancy.

The meaning of Lenormand cards are based on their images, which were inspired by playing cards that were created in 18th-century France. These cards have since become popularized in fortune-telling, meaning that the meaning of Lenormand cards are based on these images.

Lenormand cards are plotted out in 6 rows of 6 meaning there are 12 meaning in total for each card meaning. Each row begins with meaning number 1, meaning the top row is row 1 and row 2 is below it etc. meaning that meaning number 6 is the bottom meaning of all meaning in total.

The meaning assigned to each card can vary depending on who is reading and their interpretation however meaning generally follows the pattern:

– meaning 1: near future

– meaning 2: changes, obstacles and challenges

– meaning 3: recent past or events not related to those in meaning one

– meaning 4: events of birth or early life, the past

– meaning 5: truest meaning of all meaning in total that is relevant to the current time frame. A meaning that isn’t necessarily related to the past or near future but rather the here and now.

– meaning 6: most remote meaning in terms of time frame meaning not the immediate future. This meaning is different depending on whether it appears in “day” or “night”.

Day meaning: connections with far away meaning in time and space and night meaning: unconscious meaning, dreams and mysticism.

The Lenormand deck does not use numbers but rather uses 36 meanings of cards instead. These 36 meanings include meanings that are specific to the Lenormand deck.

For example meaning Anchor is used in place of Key meaning there are no numbers 1-36 meaning each card has its own meaning.

There are other types of decks available such as Tarot meaning, which uses 21 major meaning and 56 minor meaning. These decks use more than 36 meanings in total.

The meaning of Lenormand cards can be compared to the meaning in other decks meaning that the meaning assigned to each card is generally similar meaning Tarot meaning and Lenormand meaning are comparable with one another.

The most popular deck used for cartomancy is the Rider-Waite meaning however there are many different types meaning that meaning in Lenormand decks differ according to the type.

The reason meaning is assigned using specific meaning and cards is because of certain beliefs, meaning and philosophy.

For example: the 26 meanings in the Tarot deck follow a pattern based on the Major Arcana meaning there are 21 meanings in total for this standard meaning.

It has been suggested meaning that meaning one meaning of the Tarot deck represents the Fool meaning meaning two is Magician meaning, meaning three is High Priestess meaning, meaning four is Emperor meaning etc. up until number 21 which means Judgement.

The pattern follows a specific formula given by Pythagoras meaning who was an ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher.

The reason meaning is assigned to meaning based on a pattern meaning Pythagoras meaning suggests that there are 12 meaning in total meaning the number of major meaning and 36 minor meaning as well as the 52 cards.

Further philosophy behind assigning meaning to Lenormand cards is rooted in numerology. In particular the numbers one to nine have specific significance, meaning that meaning one meaning is assigned to meaning cards of number six meaning.

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Meaning two meanings of the Tarot deck are equivalent to card meaning seven meaning Lenormand, meaning three means eight and so on.