What is Social WiFi Marketing and How Does it Work?

What is Social WiFi Marketing and How Does it Work?

Businesses have been trying every way possible to improve their sales and technology is helping them a lot in this regard. The latest innovation in the field of technology came in the form of a WiFi marketing tool. All the brick-and-mortar companies are transforming their existing guest WiFi to this new marketing tool. Statistics have revealed that businesses that have already adopted this change and have installed social WiFi marketing tools in their venues are attracting a lot more customers than those who are still confused about this technology.  

Businesses offer free WiFi to their customers and when a customer tries to log in with their WiFi, he encounters a WiFi landing page where he is required to provide some data for browsing. And the captive portal tool captures that data to store it in the customer information database. This data is then used by the WiFi provider for the purpose of remarketing. And doing this, not only results in better business-customer relations but improves their sales too. If you wish to learn more, about this high-tech marketing tool, continue reading! Read fitgirl repack.

What is the Difference between WiFi Marketing and Social WiFi Marketing? 

Let’s start with the definition of WiFi marketing. WiFi marketing is when a retailer provides free WiFi in his venue and asks his customer to share information in return for this incentive. The retailer or the WiFi provider then uses this contact information to send out marketing campaigns, like email newsletters and SMS (text) messages, to these customers. Furthermore, by use of this tool, they can also share coupons to attract more customers to their venue.  

Social WiFi is similar to this tool, the only difference is that when a customer tries to connect with your WiFi, (in the case of WiFi Marketing) he encounters a WiFi landing page where he has to fill the information manually but with social WiFi, the customer is allowed to sign in with his social media account and the captive portal tool extracts the required information from their accounts.  

How Does Social WiFi Work? 

The retailer offers free WiFi to its shoppers for unlimited browsing and when a customer comes to his venue, he tries to avail himself of this perk. And in his attempt to connect with the WiFi, the WiFi tool gives him an option of using his social media profile to log in. This method is less time-consuming and comparatively easy to make a connection with the WiFi tool. Once a customer signs in to this WiFi, the retailer gets some information related to that customer that he stores in his database for later use.   

Furthermore, some retailers also ask their customers to give like on their social media accounts and publish a review over there for unlimited browsing. This increases their online presence and improves the reputation of their brand. Additionally, the tool also provides retailers with information related to the behavior of the customer; how many times he has visited their store, where he stays longer in your store, and what are the things that he buys more often. The retailers then use this information to remarket their brand and to develop their sales strategy.    

What are the Benefits of Social WiFi? 

Although this tool has some benefits for customers too like they will get an opportunity to use the internet free of cost and that internet is faster than their mobile data too, yet here we will discuss some benefits from the business perspective.   

  • When you are offering free WiFi in your venue, your customers will stay longer and spend more. Shoppers will stick to your retail store longer and as a result, they have more time to observe your products. Also, this tool  helps them on making decisions about things they want to buy. According to a survey conducted a few years back, more than 60 percent of businesses said that customers have started spending more in their stores since they have offered guest WiFi.   
  • It gives the WiFi provider a wealth of customer-related data. At a basic level, this tool provides business customer emails and phone numbers. However, it can also show them so much more. They can check when each customer visited your store, how often they visit. You can also check if they’ve visited more than one location, given that your business has multiple locations. Also, advanced software may also allow you to track their foot traffic as well as send push notifications.  
  • It helps you can build deeper relationships with your customers. It gives you an opportunity to reconnect with your customers well after they’ve left your store. The data you’ve collected through the social WiFi marketing tool also allows you to send more impactful marketing campaigns.