What errors can be solved with QuickBooks File Doctor?

What errors can be solved with QuickBooks File Doctor?

Whenever working on QuickBooks, users often encounter various errors and issues related to network, installation, company files, etc. The QB File Doctor aims at diagnosing and fixing such errors and issues automatically.

In this comprehensive post, we’ll discover the errors and issues that are fixable via QB File Doctor along with the fixation steps and much more. So, let’s begin with the list of errors that are treatable via QB File Doctor.

List of Errors and Issues That Can Be Fixed Via QB File Doctor

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There are various issues and errors that emerge while using QuickBooks such as network, installation, technical, etc. 

The below table includes all the errors and issues that are fixable via the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.

QB Error 6000 82QB Error 6000 301QB Error 6000 305QB 6130 
QB 6147 issueError code -6150Several QB 6000 series errorsCorrupted company files
Facing Error in updating QBHaving network related issuesDamaged DataImproper configuration of the Firewall port
Errors During InstallationMissing lists of employees, vendors and customersQB database server manager regarding issuesUnable to access the QB company file
H202 ErrorH505 ErrorH303 ErrorH101 Error
Windows registry getting damagedMulti-user mode issuesMany H series  QB errorsHardware issues by malware

Points To Remember Before Utilizing The QB File Doctor Tool

Prior to utilizing the QB File Doctor, the following tips should be remembered for an uninterrupted error repairing session.

  • The QuickBooks File Doctor is accessible to Windows users, not for Mac.
  • Always keep the admin credentials ready.
  • You must have reliable internet connectivity.
  • The size limit of the company file must be within 1.5 GB.
  • There should be a single version of QB installed on your system.
  • Always update your QuickBooks prior to running the QB File Doctor.

Versions Of QB File Doctor To Repair Errors and Issues

There are two versions of QB File Doctor that help fix the errors and issues. The Stand-Alone version and the Built-In version.

Furthermore, each of these versions requires different steps to repair errors and issues. Here’s how:

QB File Doctor (Built-in Version)

The Built-in Version of QuickBooks File Doctor is a basic version that is available for QuickBooks 2016 and the latest versions.

In order to utilize the Built-in version of QB File Doctor for diagnosing and fixing the errors automatically, perform these:

  • Firstly, exit from the company file.
  • Thereafter, run “QuickBooks”.
  • Then, tap “File”.
  • Next, choose “Utilities”.
  • Afterwards, tap “Repair”.
  • Now, hit “Browse”.
  • Thereafter, select “Company File”.
  • Then, hit “Open”.
  • Next, select from the fixation process accordingly and hit “Next”.
  • Now, input credentials followed by “Next”.
  • Finally, reboot your PC.

QB File Doctor (Stand-Alone Version)

The Stand-Alone version of the QB File Doctor is used from the server that contains the components of the QuickBooks database server manager for hosting the file. Here’s how:

  • Firstly, visit Intuit’s website and download the latest QuickBooks File Doctor tool.
  • Thereafter, install and launch the QB File Doctor.
  • Then, tap “Browse”.
  • Next, select the troublesome company file.
  • Now, there’ll be two options appearing on your screen.
  • In case you’re getting the 6000 series error, choose 1.
  • In case of network-related error, choose 2.
  • Thereafter, input credentials and hit “Next”.
  • Now, choose from “Server” or “Workstation” accordingly.
  • Afterwards, the error will be detected and fixed automatically.
  • Finally, perform a reboot.

So, these were the versions of QB File Doctor known for repairing multiple errors, however, the most effective way to fix errors via QB File Doctor is by using the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

Steps To Solve Errors Using QB File Doctor Via Tool Hub

The utilization of QB File Doctor via QuickBooks Tool Hub includes the following steps:

Step 1 – Download/Install The QB Tool Hub

  • Firstly, download “QB Tool Hub” via Intuit’s website.
  • Thereafter launch and install it by performing instructions.
  • Next, perform a reboot.
  • Finally, launch the “QB Tool Hub”.

Step 2 – Launch “QuickFix My File”

  • After launching the QB Tool Hub, visit “Company-File Issues”.
  • Thereafter, tap “QuickFix My File”.
  • Afterwards, by performing the instructions, any error will be solved.
  • In case the error endures, perform the next step.

Step 3 – Launch QB File Doctor

  • Firstly, launch “QB Tool Hub”.
  • Thereafter, from the dashboard hit “Company-File Issue”.
  • Next, hit “Run QuickBooks File Doctor”.
  • Now, perform as per the directions and try browsing the trouble file.
  • Afterwards, hit “Check File” and “Continue”.
  • Then, provide the prompted credentials and tap “Next”.
  • Finally, wait for the tool to finish the scan and any errors will be resolved.

Possible Outcomes Of Using QB File Doctor

No doubt that the QB File doctor can diagnose and fix multiple errors such as QuickBooks H202 and 6000 series errors. Following are the possible outcomes of utilizing this repairing tool.

QBFD didn’t discover any error – Having this outcome, means there is no issue in the company file, users can simply log in and start working on their company file again. Furthermore, utilize “Auto-Data Recovery” for any unknown issues.

The issue is discovered and can be fixed – When the QBFD repairing tool detects an issue that can be fixed, this is the outcome that users will get. The repairing tool will fix the issue and users will be able to use their company file.

Error detected but can’t be fixed – If the QBFD detects the error or issue but somehow can’t fix it, it is advised to perform an “Auto Data Recovery” and restore from the last backup and the error will be resolved.

QB File Doctor isn’t working – It could be due to corruption in the file or false antivirus configuration. At events like this, restore the backup of the .qbw file and turn off hosting and your antivirus then restart the QB File Doctor. 

Wrapping Up

We hope the content offered to you will resolve your query regarding all the errors that are fixable via QB File Doctor along with the versions and tips regarding it. 

The content provided to you is profoundly researched from our top sources. Furthermore, the steps to utilize the QB File Doctor Tool are validated by QuickBooks experts.