Times You Need to Say

3 Times You Need to Say “Yes” for

Asbestos Testing

Misinformation and callous attitude can give rise to several safety concerns when you are
working on a home betterment or construction project. One of the primary hazards that have a
high probability rate of happening is asbestos contamination.
The loose asbestos fibres may contaminate the environment of the premises and make it
hazardous. Unfortunately, homeowners do not pay enough attention and make wrong
assumptions. Asbestos testing is one of the preliminary actions that needs to be taken.
Asbestos testing will help the homeowners determine the presence of asbestos and safely take
action for removing it. But the prime question remains when do we take up asbestos testing?
Well, we have answered for you. Below we have listed the times when you should say “yes” for
asbestos testing.

Times You Need to Say

1.    Renovation Project
If you are thinking of renovating your house then you must consider asbestos testing. Most
homeowners make a wrong assumption that if their property is constructed after the EPA
(Environment Protection Authority) regulation then they are free to ignore the asbestos testing
protocol.Times You Need to Say
However, you must know that the presence of asbestos in construction materials have never
really been completely removed. Since asbestos makes the materials more effective. Even today,Times You Need to Say
asbestos can be found in recent construction materials in different forms.
Renovation projects are bound to disturb the already built constructs or even remove some of
the constructs to build a new one. Thus, causing asbestos fibres to contaminate the premises.
Asbestos testing before a renovation project must be initiated for everyone’s safety.

  1.   Demolition Work
    Just like any renovation project, demolition work also causes disturbance on the asbestos
    constructs. As a matter of fact, demolition work requires breaking apart the entirety constructs
    of the building.
    No matter the age of the building or in what condition it is, the NESHAP (National Emission
    Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants) addresses that there shall be no exception for advance
    asbestos testing before demolition work.
    When demolition work is initiated, the previously present asbestos contained fibres may easily
    enter into the air dust particles, therefore, making the premises hazardous for workers or
    anyone who enters the area.

With thorough asbestos testing and adopting removing measures thereafter can prevent such
situations from happening.

  1.   Old Buildings
    Renovation and demolition projects isn’t the only time you must take up the asbestos testing
    action. In fact, it goes without saying that old buildings have higher risk of asbestos
    contamination. Since the majority of older construct materials were asbestos based.
    Hence, materials used for fireproofing or insulation may release asbestos friable as they become
    older. Any sort of disturbance such as maintenance work or anything else can cause release of
    these friable. Hence, contaminating the premises.
    That is why periodic asbestos testing is highly recommended in old buildings and detect any
    potential hazard caused from it.
    So, what are you waiting for? If you have any of the above enumerated tasks coming up then
    make sure to adopt the action of asbestos testing. Ensuring safety of health and avoiding
    potential hazard is your primary responsibility.Times You Need to Say