The Internet Parent: Keeping Your Kids Safe Online at All Times

The Internet Parent: Keeping Your Kids Safe Online at All Times

The Internet Parent: Keeping Your Kids Safe Online at All Times

Meta description: Kids are spending more time online than ever for learning and entertainment. Learn how parents can protect their kids online.

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These days, the average kid is getting exposed to the internet faster than before.

It is not uncommon to see under-15-year-olds have their smartphone, tablets, and even maybe a home computer at this stage of their lives. Unfortunately, the standards when it comes to protecting kids keep getting lax every year.

There is a high chance that your kids will fall to an ill of the internet if you do not step in to nip the situation in the bud.

You should want, and try to, protect your kids’ online activity and how it might lead them to the dark areas of the internet.

Here’s what you should do:

Set Time Limits

Make sure your kids do not spend too much time around screens daily.

Apple has made it possible to define screen time allocation for multiple devices within the home/ a network from a single control device so you can take advantage of that. Otherwise, there are also other options to set individual screen times on most units these days.

With less exposure, the kids stand a smaller chance of being in the face of something uncomfortable.

Educate your kids

Do not take a brash approach to the internet for your kids.

The internet is not bad, but it is not an entirely good thing either because some people chose to use it for their selfish gains.

Let your kids know all there is about the various internet scams and situations they might find themselves in. From phishing, sextortion, and more to credit card scams, break things down for them as easily as possible. Make sure that they are aware of the risks so they are protected online.

Set Parental Controls

Parental controls are especially important for young kids and adolescents.

One of the many benefits of parental control settings is that it allows you to filter the kind of content that your kid sees even when you are not there.

Platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and other giant internet services allow parents to designate profiles for kids so that they are not exposed to content beyond their age range.

Parental controls also allow you to see some of the things your kids do on the internet. From the sites that they are visiting to the people they talk to; you can be their guardian angel as they form an opinion of the internet themselves.

Understanding technology

One of the biggest mistakes that parents and guardians make today is not understanding the tech that they are getting into.

These days, you can access the internet and meet people on more than just your smartphones and computers.

Gaming consoles that allow for online gaming, for example, also make it possible to meet strangers in forums and chat groups.

As parents, make sure to understand all your kids have to access the internet so you can throw a comprehensive blanket on things.

Be Open

A certain report shows that of all the kids that suffer cyberbullying, only 64% ever talk about it.

For one, we believe that could be a result of not having anyone to talk to about it. There is a high chance that this is your fault as a parent/ guardian not creating a safe enough space that your wards can approach you with the problem.

Let your children know that they can always come to you when things seem to be confusing.

This way, they can share a lot of issues with you and you help them deal with them before it ever becomes something serious at all.

Final Words

Technology is getting better at helping parents keep an eye on what their children see online, but you still have to take an active role in protecting your kids online

Implement the tips above and you should have helped filter out a lot of undesirable situations for your kids.

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