Reasons Why Imran Can’t be a Good PM of Pakistan

Reasons Why Imran Can’t be a Good PM of Pakistan

When Imran Khan came in to the power Imran Khan made lot of promises to the citizens of Pakistan and he said we will made a new Pakistan. PM has admitted that he could not bring the change he promised at the time he came in to the power. Due to system faults.

He said that at the first step he wants to make the revolutionary steps but later realized that our system was incapable of absorbing shock, he also said that addressing a public ceremony held to award certificates to the top performing ministries and divisions. He admitted that he didn’t given the result required.

So the overall Pakistan people expected a lot from PM Imran Khan but during this years all they got is poverty and inflation, petrol price high, and Pakistani Rupees losses its shine day by day.

Bad Foreign Policy:

Imran Khan was not in positive zone in any of its decision, he made was failed in making good foreign policy, key reason trusted china too much, Not good relation with any neighbouring country that Pakistan used to have.  They also try to make better relation with Turkey but it also proved to be the wrong. 

Not Taking Strong Action Against Terrorism

Across the globe whenever terrorist attack happen, Pakistan involvement will be there directly or indirectly that really spoil there image at the world forum, so whenever Prime Minister said about Kashmir over international forum, no country was ready to listen to it because world started believing that the Pakistan export terrorism. 

Media Banned:

In future that was for sure that he would be well known for banning social media. He don’t like that people talk about his government failure on social media. If he would have taken some strong step to prove himself it could have been in a better position.

Fake Promises for Job

He promised during the election when he was elected that he will generated at-list 1 crore jobs but actually he failed to do that. People started believing that Imran Khan is good on saying but not good on delivering actual work.


For winning the election he made that statement that if he got elected he will not go to IMF for loans, he will end the inflation and make some strong steps to improve the economy condition of Pakistan, he just stick with the promise only for few days, suddenly same thing happen which was not good for Pakistan, he went to IMF took loan, inflation increased instead of decreasing, even the economy got also worse.

Comparing with India all the Time

Whenever Imran Khan get the chance to speak on International Forum, he kept on comparing India, such as keep talking about Kashmir, economy comparison with India. Actually such things bring disappointment among the public. He should speak what should be done and what steps he took during last year and talk about the positive things happened during his tenure.