MySQL Tutorial for Beginners 2022

MySQL Tutorial for Beginners 2022

MySQL Tutorial for Beginners 2022 i’m superexcited to be your instructor ORACLE thisthree hour course you’re going to learn everything you need to get started withSQL or sequel irst so I’m gonna giveyou a three minute introduction to SQLthen we’re going to install thenecessary tools and write our first SQLquery this course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn SQL from scratch

MySQL Tutorial for Beginners

 butalso anyone with some basic knowledge who wants to fill in the missing gaps bythe end of this course you’ll be able toretrieve insert update and delete datain databases will talk about tablesrelationships different types of joinssub queries regular expressions are muchmuch more these are the essentialconcepts that every software developeror data scientist must know this SQLforce is packed with tons of exercisesthat help you both learn and rememberthe SQL syntax also there’s a table ofcontent below this video so you canquickly jump to specific tutorials nowlet’s jump in and get started let’sstart the course with a quick overviewof databases and MySQL Tutorial for Beginners 2022

MySQL Tutorial for Beginners database is a collection

 MySQL Tutorial for Beginners database is a collection what they are and how weuse them a database is a collection ofdata stored in a format that can easilybe accessed in order to manage ourdatabases we use a software applicationcalleddatabase management system or DBMS weconnect to a DBMS and give it instructions for querying or modifyingdata the DBMS will execute ourinstructions and send results back nowwe have several database managementsystems out there and these areclassified into two categoriesrelational and non-relational alsocalled no sequel in relational databaseswe store data in tables that are linkedto each other using relationships that’swhy we call this databases relationaldatabases

MySQL Tutorial database is a collection

each table stores data about aspecific type of object like customerproduct order and so on SQL or sequel isthe language that we use to work withthese relational database managementsystems it looks like this we use SQL toquery or modify our data in this coursewe are going to learn everything aboutthis powerful languagenow there are many different relationaldatabase management systems out theresome of the most popular ones are

 MySQLsequel server  Microsoft and Oracle

 MySQLsequel server  Microsoft and Oracle but of course there are plenty more eachdatabase management system has adifferent flavor of SQL but all theseimplementations are very similar and arebased on the standard SQL specificationso most of the SQL code that you willlearn in this course will work with anydatabase management system in thiscourse we’ll be using MySQL which is themost popular open source database in theworld right now back to this diagramwhat about non-relational databases innon-relational databases we don’t havetables or relationships these

databasesare very different from relationaldatabases

databasesare very different from relationaldatabases but that’s a topic for anentirely different course what you needto know is that non relational databasemanagement systems don’t understandSQL they have their own query languageso we use SQL to work with MySQL Tutorial for Beginners 2022relationaldatabase management systems now Beforewe jump in and install MySQL let meclarify something quickly as you talk todifferent peopleyou’ll hear two different pronunciationsof

MySQL Tutorial for Beginners 2022

SQL sequel or SQL what is the correctway well it depends on who you askand of course everybody thinks their wayof pronouncing this word is the rightway but here’s a little history aboutthis language SQL was originallydeveloped at IBM in the 70s and backthen it was initially called sequelshort for structured English querylanguage but they changed the acronym toSQL because sequel was the trademark ofan airplane company so to this datethere has been an argument about what isthe right way to pronounce this languagegenerally speaking people in non-englishspeaking countriescall it SQL are used to calling itsequel because it’s shorter and sweeterthan

databasesare SQL relationaldatabases

SQL but if you prefer to call itSQL as total fine with me I’m not gonnaget mad at you so that’s the historybehind this language but what about MySQL as a software product developersof this product prefer to call it MySQLrather than my sequel but they don’tmind if we call it my sequel in thiscourse I’ll be teaching you sequel withMySQLhey guys Marsh here I just wanted to letyou know that you really don’t have tomemorize anything in this course

install MySQL on your computer

install MySQL on your computer becauseI have created a complete cheat sheetwith summary notes for you you can findit below this video in the descriptionbox so I have done my best to create thebest possible most MySQL Tutorial for Beginners 2022 comprehensive sequelcourse for you and I would reallyappreciate it if you support my hardwork by liking and sharing this videothank you so much now let’s continue inthis tutorial I’m going to show you howto install MySQL on your computer nowhere I’m using a Mac so first I willshow you how to install MySQL Tutorial for Beginners 2022

MySQL on a Maccomputer

MySQL on a Maccomputer and then I will show you how toinstall it on windows so if you’re aWindows user feel free to skip thistutorial now open up your browser andhead over to MySQL calm then go to thedownloads page and scroll down to thebottom here you should see my SQLcommunity edition this is absolutelyfree and we gonna use that throughoutthis course so let’s go ahead with thatnow on this page click on and MySQL Tutorial for Beginners 2022

MySQLcommunity server

My SQL community server and then on this page you should see available releases forMac OS so in this list download thefirst item which is a dmg archive alright now on the next page click on nothanks just start my download alright asyou can see you are getting a dmg filewhich is basically a set of wizard allright now the dmg is downloaded so let’sopen it and then double click on thispackage this will launch an installation wizard which is pretty easy to use sosimply click on continue and again andagain I agree with the license agreement and install MySQL it’s gonna ask foryour password this is the password thatyou used to log in to your computer solet’s put that here alright now here weneed to set a password for the root orthe admin user so click Next and in thisbox type a complex passwordright now let’s finish the installationand into your computer’s password onemore time and we’re done that was supereasy and sweet all right we

installedMySQL community server

installedMySQL community server now we need agraphical tool to connect to the server and manage our databases so back to thedownloads page one more time scroll tothe bottom and go to MySQL Community Edition and on this page somewhere you should see my SQL work bench this is graphical tool that we used to connect to our database server so let’s go ahead and download this as well now once again on this page we need to download a dmgarchive so download and again we have tosay no we don’t want to log in or signup so let’s just go ahead and download the dmg and then open it all right-you’re gonna see something like this sosimply drag this

MySQL Tutorial for Beginners 2022

MySQL workbench anddrop it onto the Applications folder solet’s go ahead with that now it’s goingto copy this into the Applicationsfolder beautiful so we’re done with theinstallation that was super easy nowpress command on space and search for

MySQL workbench there you go let’s openit now the first time we get thismessage because this is our applicationthat we have downloaded from theinternet so we need to tell Mac that wetrust this let’s go ahead with thatso this is MySQL Tutorial MySQL Tutorial for Beginners 2022

MySQL Tutorial for Beginners 2023

MySQL workbench now bydefault you should see a connection hereif you don’t see that you need to createit let me show you how to do that so forthis demo I’m gonna right-click this anddelete this connection all right nowlet’s create a connection from scratchso click on this plus icon on this pagegive this connection a name let’s saylocal instance now the connection methodthat we’re gonna use is tcp/ip which isset by default the host name is127.0.0.1point one which is the address of thelocal machine and the port is threethree zero six this is the default portfor MySQL Tutorial for Beginners 2022

my SQL Server

my SQL Server that is the usernameof the admin now we need to enter thepassword this is the password that weset during the installationso click on store in keychain and inthis box type the password for a MySQLserver alright and finally let’s testthe connection okay we successfullyconnected to MySQL server on the localmachine beautiful let’s click OK andhere we have a connection on the homepage of MySQLMySQL Tutorial for Beginners 2022 MySQL Tutorial for Beginners 2022

MySQL workbench

workbench every time weopen MySQL workbench we use thisconnection to connect to our localserver alright we’re done with theinstallation of MySQL on a MySQL Tutorial for Beginners 2022 Mac next Iwill talk about installing MySQL on aWindows computer so feel free to skipthat tutorialin this tutorial I’m gonna show you howto install MySQL on Windows so open upyour browser and head over to MySQL commthen go to the downloads page now herescroll down to the bottom we’re gonnause MySQL community edition which isabsolutely free so let’s go with thisnow select MySQL community serverand then scroll down so here you MySQL Tutorial for Beginners 2022

shouldsee something like thismy SQL installer for Windows this is therecommended method for installing MySQLon Windows so click on this alright onthe next page scroll down anddownload the first installer here on thenext page scroll down and click on nothanks just start my download otherwiseyou have to create an account and loginwhich is unnecessary for following thiscourse so let’s go with this and savethis file to

MySQL Tutorial for Beginners

computer and then run itall right we’re gonna use this setupwizard to install MySQL on our computerthis is very easy all you have to do isto click Next but there are a couple ofplaces where you need to enter apassword let me show you so on the firstpage for the setup type we’re gonna usethe

developer default setup go to thenext page now here we’re getting alittle warning because this installationwizard wants to install the connectorfor python 3.7 but I don’t have pythonon this machine so that’s why I’mgetting this warning now on your machineyou might or you might not get thiserror it doesn’t really matter justclick Next and one more time so here arethe products are gonna get installed thefirst one is

MySQL server the second oneis MySQL workbench this is the graphicaltool that we use to connect to ourdatabase server and manage our databasesyou’re gonna see that soon so click onexecute now this is gonna take aboutfive to ten minutes so I’m going

topause the recordingall right all the products are installedbeautiful let’s go to the next page andagain here on the group replication pagealso click on next and the next pagewhich is about networking leave all thedefault settings so let’s go to the nextpage now we should set a password forthe root or the admin user so click onnext and in this box type a password forthe admin user alright and then let’s goto the next page once again leave

MySQL Tutorial

MySQL Tutorial for Beginners 2022 allthe default settings and click on nextand execute one more timeall right and now let’s finish theinstallation once again we have to clickon next and then finish one more timethere are so many steps now here’s thepage where you need to enter the adminpassword so the page is called connectto server you can see the user name isroot which represents the admin user soin this box enter the password that yousaid earlier then click on check okconnection was successful beautifullet’s go to the next page and click onexecute and finally finish there you gowe have one more step next now finallyafter all these steps the installationis complete now this is gonna start

MySQL workbench

MySQL workbench which is the graphicaltool we used to manage our databases andrun sequel queries so click on finish sonow we have a command prompt windowwhere we can type instructions to talkto our MySQL server we don’t really needthis so close it and here’s MySQLworkbench now the first time you openthis page by default you should see aconnection here if you don’t see itclick on this plus icon on this pagegive this connection and name let’s saylocal instance now leave all thesettings to their default value but herefor the password click on store involvedand in this box type the password thatyou set for the admin user so I’m gonnaput that hereok now click on test connection alrightit’s successfully connected to

MySQLserver on this computeralrigh

the MySQLserver on this computeralright then click on OK now we click onthis connection to connect to ourdatabase server alright so here is theinterface that you’ll be usingthroughout this course on the left sidewe have the Navigator panel in themiddle we have the query editor which wecan resize this is where we’re gonnawrite our sequel queries and on theright side we have sequel editions sowe’re done with the