iHub Global Hotspot Opportunity

Thank you for reaching out to us! In order to be paid, you need to either have an iHub hotspot yourself or you need someone in your coded network to have an active iHub hotspot. I have provided you with a short 12 minute video below is a full review of iHub’s entire compensation plan and all of the achievable reward tiers. We also discuss how to increase your hosting reward.

Please go to https://app.ihub.global/support/training/ihub-compensation-plan#faq-15 to view the comp plan overview.

Also please check out the new support center and click on “News & Updates” to find out the latest features of Helium Track! 


For Help regarding Helium Track Web Application, please visit: iHub Global » Support Center » Frequently Asked Questions and and https://app.ihub.global/support/faq/how-to-get-your-hotspot