How To Save Your Money Using A Dummy Flight And Hotel Reservation For Visa Application?

How To Save Your Money Using A Dummy Flight And Hotel Reservation For Visa Application?

Fly, Save and Enjoy!

The best approach to prepare for a vacation is to think about all the associated costs. The cost of a journey depends on a number of variables. Those applying for a Schengen visa might save money by making flight and hotel reservations for visa application. Budgets are a tedious but important step in the travel preparation process. You don’t want to find yourself in a new place with no money for food for the final three days of your vacation. Put in a little thought and effort before you leave, and you’ll save a lot of worries while you’re there! 

Planning a travel budget can seem intimidating at first since there are so many factors to take into account. 

Did You Know?

From planning vacation expenses to submission of documents for visa purposes, you can cut down on major documents submission. 

Scroll down and discover interesting facts for planning a trip to Schengen countries. 

The fundamental procedures for obtaining a Schengen visa are typical. Every applicant has to apply for a visa, submit different documents necessary according to the application and make flight reservations when the visa is granted. Submission of documents also depends on the country from where the applicant is applying. Some countries do not require the submission of dozens of documents. In contrast, others have to go through crucial visa processing steps. 

Here We Are Sharing Two Ways In Which The Applicant Can Save Money:

  1. Submission of documents and flight reservations
  2. Planning vacations

When the applicant has to submit documents for Schengen visa processing, the applicant has to look after little things. Such as Documents verification, expiry dates, and format in which the application demands the submission. Another important and complex part of visa processing is when the applicant has to submit flight and hotel reservations for a Schengen visa.

Flight And Hotel Reservation For Visa Application:

Flight Reservation

A flight booking is also known as a dummy ticket. When the visa officer requests a flight reservation or dummy ticket, the applicant must make one. At this point, the applicant can save money by booking a flight by getting a dummy ticket rather than the real one.

The visa officer requests an appointment to inquire about the applicant’s plans to remain in the Schengen country and go back to their home country. The visa officer might give visas near the applicant’s intended dates by keeping dates up to date. In order to save money and stay within their budget, the applicant can buy a dummy ticket for half off.

Hotel Reservation

While flight reservations are common and necessary for visa application, with the renewal of policies, sometimes an officer may demand a hotel reservation. The hotel reservation is also known as proof of accommodation.

The visa officer asks for hotel reservation to add to his knowledge that the applicant is serious with his application and trip planning. The hotel reservation ensures the visa officer that the applicant has organized the stay for his trip. A hotel reservation can also be made by following the same procedure as a dummy ticket.

Note: Once the applicant receives his visa from the embassy, he has to purchase the original ticket and make full payment for hotel bookings. 

Cut Down On Expenses By Planning Vacations:

When creating a travel budget, it has to be divided into three categories

 Preparation Expenses

Preparation Expenses include all the money you must spend before you leave for your trip and documents that will include in your preparation expenses, such as Passport and Visa, Travel insurance, vaccinations, luggage, transportation, etc.

Realistic Travel Costs

The next category, Realistic Travel Costs, will look like this: Accommodations, Food and Drink, Tours/Activities, and Small Transportation.

Once you have a total for this part, divide it by the number of days you will travel. By dividing your budget into a set amount per day, it will be easier to keep track of your travel budget.

Cash Reserves

Finally, we have Cash Reserves, also known as Backup Plans. It is the money you will have available in an emergency: stolen or lost credit cards, unforeseen but unavoidable expenses, etc. 

We advise having emergency money in two to three separate cash stashes that are kept in various locations during your trip.