How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App

How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App

The competition between eCommerce platforms is no less,How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App especially after the inception of Magento and Shopify. You see both the eCommerce platforms are found powering more than one million businesses irrespective of their size and industry verticals.How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App Today, launching an eCommerce store has become extremely important and easy – all thanks to the rising turnkey eCommerce platforms.

How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App

Now not all business owners are technically sound, so for them instead of understanding different eCommerce platforms, all you can do is hire a reliable eCommerce development service provider who has technical knowledge as well as an amazing experience in offering a plethora of services such as creating UI/UX design, B2B portals, eCommerce mobile apps, consultation and whatnot! Apart from that, you can read the following post that focuses on how to enhance the sales of your Shopify store by using a mobile application.

How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App
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Mobile Applications or mobile apps are no longer extraterrestrial terms especially after witnessing the massive success of Whatsapp, Facebook, and Amazon.How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App In fact, if you take a look at the eCommerce realm, you will find several popular names such as Craigslist, eBay, Walmart, Wish, The Home Depot, IKEA, ETSY, Target and so forth. Do you want to be the next in line? good way How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App

Introducing Shopify App Development                                                                                       2

How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App?                                                        4

#1 Push Notifications                                                                                                                  4

#2 Offer Personalization                                                                                                             5

#3 Flexible Payment Options                                                                                                     5

Final Words                                                                                                                                     6

Introducing Shopify App Development

One of the most renowned platforms to take into account is Shopify. The eCommerce platform helps you to set up an online store and sell their products seamlessly. Though the platform came into inception a decade ago since then it hasn’t seen any degradation, especially in regard to its popularity. The leading eCommerce platform is highly recommended whether one wants to buy or sell anything from anywhere. Today, several stats seem to have revealed that hundreds and thousands of entrepreneurs are found using the platform to develop aesthetically pleasing eCommerce stores across the globe. Now what exactly type of products can be sold using Shopify? and How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App

  • Any kind of physical products
  • Digital products
  • Services/consultations
  • Memberships or subscriptions
  • Lessons and learnings
  • Hands-on workshops

Right from handmade goods to beauty supplies, home decor, outdoor gear, digital products, online learnings, events, eBooks and so forth, Shopify has you covered. Now many of you have this misconception that Shopify is meant for large How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App

Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App

enterprises only. Which is not true at all! How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App This eCommerce platform features a wide suite of functionalities that assists all types of businesses in launching their store. With less coding, no software installations, and hosting services, the platform offers it all. In fact, it comes with a wide range of prices from $29 to 299 and no additional fees are required here. Some of the best perks offered by Shopify include:

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • No tech worries
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Customizable
  • SEO-friendly
  • Abandoned cart recovery

Now enough is being said about the eCommerce platform. It’s time to take a step forward and do the aftermath. What next? What to do once you develop a Shopify store, and how can you increase ecommerce sales?

How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App

You already have a Shopify site, which is quite a good start! Now it’s time to maximize the potential of the store and for that you require is a mobile-friendly version or an app. Again it has nothing to do with what industry you are or how large or small your business is, to enhance the sales of the Shopify store, you need an app. And of course, this no longer is supposed to be mentioned that the world is craving for apps, better ones! And again, your Shopify store will be competing with brands like Amazon, and eBay, so you are not supposed to take things lightly at any cost.

Only having a ecommerce website won’t work wonders! You need to know that 80 to 90% of the end users would like to view your products and services via using their mobile devices. And eCommerce sites offering mobile apps are preferable in comparison to those that are not. Often businesses think of developing a mobile app as a pretty costly venture which is not the case! It’s worth can be determined only after developing the app. How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App Plus, read away more to know how to enhance your sales using these apps.

Further, I would like to mention how businesses can enhance their Shopify store sales using a mobile app.

How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App?

#1 Push Notifications

One of the obvious and easiest ways to do so is by offering push notifications. This is the conventional yet sure-shot way to stay in contact with the end customers. One of the basic disadvantages of the Shopify web store is the limited amount of How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App communication. How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App Reaching out to your current shoppers and the potential ones seems to have become pretty much passe’. Also, not every email campaign guarantees success. I mean firstly you need to turn your visitors into regular email subscribers and for that, they must dedicate a few minutes to accomplish the process which most of them probably skip and switch to your competitors.

And even if someone joins, it doesn’t mean everything is sorted. They must receive the mail and open it every time which is not possible, especially in today’s fast-paced life. And that’s when push notifications come to the rescue. Here customers have to simply download the app and install it and that’s it, they will be able to get acquainted with your business via push notifications. According to several stats, the chances of opening a message are much higher than that of an email.

So for what purpose push notifications must be used? Well, for anything be it flash sales or offering relevant discounts, coupons, notifications regarding shipment or delivery and so more.

#2 Offer Personalization

Another crucial way to enhance your Shopify store sales is by offering an immense amount of customization and personalization. Developing mobile apps seems to have become a sure-shot norm for delivering what exactly customers seem to be craving. Fortunately, we are surrounded by a plethora of disruptive technologies such as Artificial intelligence and machine learning, AR/VR via which we can simply offer a personalized and customized experience to the end user. Such technologies do not just track how and why people are engaging with your app. So what happens is, you can seamlessly deliver suitable products to each individual after considering their browsing behaviour and purchase history.  

Let’s say for example if you have bought some apparel from an eCommerce store, make sure it remembers your size and does offer relevant suggestions according to your body shape. By doing so, your end customers are more likely to buy it. If you end up offering something relevant then nothing can stop them from buying. As a result, this will surely increase income.

In fact, several methods such as upselling and cross-selling can be well-taken care of when dealing with a personalized recommendation. In the end, income, sales and revenue will increase. and How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App

#3 Flexible Payment Options

Since everything is digitalized then payment options shouldn’t be any exception here. Developing a mobile app that supports a plethora of payment options is a must-do thing. Also, simultaneously, here one has to make sure that each one is safe and secure. Not just with products or services, even when it comes to making the payment, the options must be endless whether it’s Cash on Delivery or Google Pay or Phone Pay or PayTM or Net bankings, etc.

It may quite interest you to know that offering multiple payment options enhances the conversion rates at the time of the checkout. In fact, developing a mobile app for your Shopify store means you do get an incredible opportunity to add a wide range of payment options and offer relevant flexibility to end users across the globe.

If you see in regard to the long-term vision,How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App Shopify offers a wide range of benefits. As mentioned earlier, more and more customers tend to consider mobile apps over websites. However, not having one means you have a lot to lose. In simple words, a Shopify app is all you need to enhance your brand seamlessly.

Final Words

It’s all about raising yourself above in today’s overcrowded market. Even if you try incorporating one thing that’s different from others, you can simply win over your competitors. Apart from the aforementioned ones, you can compel them to participate in several loyalty-based programs, location-based promotions, enhanced experience and services that surely result in reduced cart abandonment. How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App So this is it for now! In case, if you still find this concept tricky and have any doubts, feel free to mention them in the comment section below. Also, do help us in sharing the post among your peers. and How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App

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