How can Functional Testing Services ensure Software Quality?

How can Functional Testing Services ensure Software Quality?

How can Functional Testing Services ensure Software Quality?

When a user downloads a software application, he does that with the expectation that it would match his requirement and perform seamlessly. Any glitch occurring in the software’s functionality can make the user quickly stop using the software and uninstall it from his device. This is where Functional Testing plays a role.

Functional Testing Services ensure Software Quality

Functional Testing helps developers and testers to ensure that the functionality and features of the software application are in sync with the developer’s expectation of meeting the desired user experience. It provides the valuable guidance, inspiration and validation that the QA team requires to be able to bring out a high-quality product in the market.

Let us understand a little more about Functional Testing.

What is functional testing?

Functional Testing is a type of black box testing in which every part of the application is tested against the required functional specifications with the objective to check and ensure that the software application has the necessary ability to perform the basic activities seamlessly. For functional testing to be successful, it is critical that the developers define a scope for an application effectively. There are several types of Functional Testingsuch as:

  • Sanity Testing: It is surface-level testing where a tester verifies that all the menus, functions, and commands are available in the product.
  • Smoke testing: It is performed after the software is built to ensure that all the major functionalities of the application are working well.
  • Integration tests: Performed to ensure proper functionality between components of an application after unit testing.
  • Regression tests: It is performed on a newly built code snippet or application when there is a major change in the original functionality.
  • Usability testing: It is performed to confirm if the application works well from the user’s perspective.

Based on your requirement, you can either perform functional testing using manual tests or by using automation testing tools. Functional testing automation is more favored as it is one of the most crucial, time-consuming, as well as expensive steps in continuous testing and requires automation at a higher level for increased agility. According to a Forrester report, “Manual testing should account for less than 20% of the overall testing activity; automated testing should account for more than 80%”. As both manual, as well as automated functional testing, needs expertise and experience, it is always better to hire a company providing functional testing as a service.

How do Functional Testing Services ensure Software Quality?

Functional testing holds the key to validating the product’s functionality as per end-user expectations. It is the testing that lies at the center of all testing strategies and ensures each component of the software works correctly if performed early in the developmental phase. The testing can give excellent results if it is continued throughout the development cycle of the software application as well as during its production stage.

Functional testing services can ensure the quality of the software by achieving some of the key objectives which it is expected to, during the testing. These objectives are as follows:

Identify Functional flaws

Application functional testing can help in identifying and exposing functional flaws of the software that are essential for ensuring the required efficiency of the application. This can be done by listing out the basic deliverables of the application first and then running the functional tests to verify the required results. This way, the tester will be able to connect with the end user’s experience in real life and will be able to identify the flaws in the application.

How can Functional Testing Services ensure Software Quality?
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Ensure Application Security

In today’s world of cyber threats, security has become a key functional aspect of every application that needs to be taken into consideration while listing the basic functionalities and executing tests to ensure that they are met. Functional Testing will play a pivotal role in ensuring that the application authenticates the user’s actions.

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Application Precision

Companies providing functional testing services will test the application for its precision in performance. This would include validating a user response, even in terms of mouse clicks. This kind of experience can be unblemished if the functionality is precisely implemented.


In today’s dynamic world, applications are expected to be able to interact with other applications and gateways to ensure that the user enjoys a seamless and hassle-free experience. Most applications are required to interact with payment gateways for accepting payments. If this function fails, it can lead to a major issue for the user. Companies providing application functional testing ensures that this connectivity is working as per business requirement and user expectation. and How can Functional Testing Services ensure Software Quality?

Operating across diverse platforms

An application in this era of technological advancement can only find its place in the software market if it can perform across devices and platforms. It should be accessible from different browsers and operating systems and ensure interoperability. To ensure that this happens in a smooth manner, functional testingwill be required to be done for testing interoperability, and the application will be required to be tested across devices and technology platforms.

How can Functional Testing Services ensure Software Quality?
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To Conclusion

If you wish to ensure delivering an excellent quality software application to the end-users that is secure, smooth, flawless, and as per their expectation, it is essential that you engage a functional testing companyfrom the initial stage of product development and continue to let them perform functional testingon the product till production.

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