Choose electric longboards or shortboards

Choose electric longboards or shortboards

Are you looking to get your first electric skateboard?

For starters, you’ll want to think about what kind of riding you do the most. Ask yourself the question:

  • Where will I ride?
  • How far is that?
  • What kind of path would I be riding?
  • Do I really want to go fast?
  • I want to be able to strategy?
  • Will the paths be straight or really tight?
  • Wow, this is something to think about when you get your first eBoard.

First, let’s take a look at the benefits of electric longboards.

Longboards, describing them as names, have a long deck. Generally, a board is considered a longboard if it is more than 34 “and a common width is about 9”. But this is not a rule, it is just a guide.

Due to the extended length and width of a longboard deck, it makes for a very stable ride. You will have a much easier time balancing on a longboard and will have a worry-free and enjoyable ride.

Generally, long decks naturally have some flex which helps to absorb some of the vibrations created while riding the bike, especially on rough terrain.

Increased vibration stability and absorption make electric longboards great, especially for new skaters. These are easy to learn so you can understand them very quickly!

However, these are not just for beginners. In fact, it is good for longboard riders who want to ride fast and far.

To reduce the amount of speed-double that you may encounter as much stability as you want when riding at high speeds. And trust me. 

When I talk about speed-wobbles, I also mention that if you are planning to ride at high speed, you want to get a deck that has the least amount of flex possible. The tougher the board, the better stability you will have at higher speeds.

All this takes place on the deck. So, the longer the board lasts, the more real estate is available to install more batteries or larger motors.

In general, the most effective board you will find on the market is the electric longboard, because you can fit more into them.

There are many reasons to think that an electric longboard is the best option, but we have not yet seen the benefits of a small electric longboard.

We’ll start again with their size. Generally, we consider any board less than 32 ”to be a shortboard, but again, it can break the rules. In the shortboard section, I’m going to include both a skateboard and a penny board.

The compact size of the shortboard makes them a much more effective companion if you have to carry it over and over again, such as on a train or going to the store. They do not take up much space when you need to save it at work or at home.

The downside is that sometimes, not always, but sometimes, you’re not going to get the performance from a shortboard that you would on a longboard.

Shortboards usually have a kicktail on the deck. 

Kicktail adds a lot of versatility to an eboard.

This increases your movement because you can apply pressure on the kicktail, lift the front wheels up and turn around to tick-tack the corners. It makes turns very easy even in the most difficult situations.

Not only that, but you will also be able to use kicktails to avoid any bad cracks in the path, depending on how good a rider you are, you will be able to climb the path or climb Oli.

If you’re an advanced skater, you’ll even be able to start doing some tricks like manual, Oli and I’ve even seen some kickflips come out.

So, in a nutshell, electric longboards are great for beginners and electric shortboards and penny boards are great for rides when you go on long, comfortable rides where you want to have some more fun and be smarter and maybe do some tricks.