Cannabis Edibles: How They Work and Edible Dosage

Cannabis Edibles: How They Work and Edible Dosage

While anything cannabis-related is still a hot topic in some areas, it’s important to note that this stigma is slowly fading. Controversies surrounding this plant are less and less as the general public gets informed and its useful healing properties get implemented. As times move on, it is slowly but surely becoming part of our kitchens as well. The versatility of cannabis goes beyond just smoking as it can be a food additive.

Yes, the famous brownies that have cannabis oil in them are the best know sweet, but it doesn’t have to stop there. About anything can be eaten with cannabis oil in it and, the only trick here is a proper dosage which is one of the key factors in the proper usage of cannabis oil. The bad reputation and negative press that you probably heard about come from first time or inexperienced users ingesting a great amount of cannabis oil.

1. Proper usage

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 Think of it as someone who has never had a drink in his life and then suddenly downs a bottle of scotch at a frat party. What would happen from that and, are the results surprising? Proper first-time usage and dosage are essential and, this applies to any substance, drink or other things in life. If you are starting or a first-time user, it’s important to know that the effects of cannabis oil take time to manifest once you eat them. As everyone metabolism and body are unique, it takes from forty minutes to ninety minutes for your body to process the ingested food.

Also, with proper and quality cannabis hydroponic system, you can even grow them yourself in the comfort of your own home. The only thing that we must point out here is to consult your local regulations as they vary from state to state and are frequently changed.

2. Mix it up a bit

If you are looking to mix cannabis oil with something, chocolate is the perfect mix and, anything that you make from it can be mixed with cannabis oil. From brownies to various cookies and chocolate fills, this is a culinary supplement that is versatile. Another sugar-rich alternative is in gummy bears.

First time dosage should be anything between one and ten milligrams. Cannabis consumption is a marathon and not a race, where the end goal is to enjoy yourself and treat your body and mind to the beneficial side of cannabis. This starting dosage usually relieves you from minor pain, anxiety and stress. When you get accustomed to, after several usages, and want to explore more, then the next dosage is anything between ten and thirty milligrams.

3. Healing properties

Again, with proper guidance and moderate consumption, there shouldn’t be any negative side effects or nasty surprises as you and your body are now more accustomed to the oil, and you know what to expect. People that are having a hard time with sleep or chronic pain can find this to be the golden zone. Some of the more positive effects that accompany those from lower dosage is an increased sense of euphoria and relief. Cannabis oil can be a supplement in battling natural depression as an added medication.

Cannabis oil can help improve or be part of your therapy.  When it comes to battling such a serious condition, any help or addition to your battle is more than welcome.  All of which goes to show how versatile this plant is.

Anything from thirty to even a hundred is for advanced and experienced users only. It’s worth mentioning that people with severe chronic pain, inflammation etc. are usually prescribed these dosages as the healing properties of cannabis oil are known and are starting to see wider usage.

4. Knowledge is power

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Education is key when it comes to anything cannabis-related. Public opinion was extremely negative years ago due to the lack of proper information and stigmatization of cannabis users. After many years of relentlessly fighting the good fight in informing people, we are still far from universal legalization but, bit by bit, we are getting there.

The same applies to your usage of cannabis oil as well. Negative and shocking stories about cannabis oil come from improper usage, buying them from unlicensed dealers or using an incorrect dosage. All of those are easily avoidable with practice, moderation, education and the right mindset. Which is the one where you treat this medical plant as a natural way to improve your lifestyle.

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