Adding Music to Instagram Stories

Adding Music to Instagram Stories

Adding Music to Instagram Stories

A new feature has come to the popular social network Instagram. The feature of adding music to Instagram stories, which has been actively used in various parts of the world for a while, has also become active for Canada.

Adding Music to Instagram Stories

In June 2021, we announced the introduction of the ability to add lyrics / music to Instagram stories in the article titled Adding Lyrics to Instagram Stories. At that time, however, this feature was not yet used in Canada.

Ability to Add Music to Instagram Stories

The feature of adding music to Instagram stories, which was active in various countries about a year ago, has also been activated for Canada. Thanks to this feature, users will now be able to add the music they want to their stories.

As it is known, this feature, which is active in many countries of the world, was not available in Canada until yesterday. In fact, when we entered the stories of users (people living abroad) who used music labels in their stories, we were faced with the warning “Not available in this region”.

What Does the Music Label Do?

After adding the “music tag” feature to your story, you search for the artist and / or music you want to play in the background from the field that will appear. If you wish, you can also have the lyrics of the song you choose appear on the screen. By the way, you can change the font and color of the text that will appear while the lyrics are flowing.

So what’s the use of adding music to the story?

Basically the purpose of this feature is to “interact” just like any other. On the other hand, adding music / lyrics to the story; you can make your story more interesting or share your music taste with your followers.

Lyrics Feature Doesn’t Work for Me

Although the music label is currently used all over Canada, there are some problems. If you can’t add music tags to your story, it’s a good idea to check if the app is up to date.

Why Did He Arrive To Canada Late?

Social networks can publish any update at the same time all over the world if they want. When this is the case, it comes to mind immediately, “Why did the feature of adding lyrics to the story come to Canada so late?” comes the question.

Namely; the music to be added to the story had to be copyrighted first. In short, Instagram first obtained the copyrights of popular music in Canada. Then he added these copyrighted music to his library, making the feature available for Canada.

How to Use Instagram Music Adding Feature?

Adding a music tag to a story is actually pretty simple. You can share your first musical story by following the steps below.

Login to add story field,

Click Create or take a new picture, video or choose from content in your gallery,

Swipe up the screen,

“Music” label will appear,

Click on the music tag,

Select the one you want from the huge 39 million song library using the search button,

Make the necessary adjustments yourself (text font, song lyrics appearing in the story and text color etc.)

That’s it! Now you’re ready to add music to your story’s Instagram story content. By the way, you can be part of the net community’s to find the best site to buy Instagram followers in Canada.

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