7 Libraries In Dubai That Book Lovers Must Check Out

7 Libraries In Dubai That Book Lovers Must Check Out

7 Libraries In Dubai That Book Lovers Must Check Out

7 Libraries In Dubai That Book Lovers Must Check Out

Dubai is all the rage for its world-class infrastructure, cosmopolitan lifestyle, and modern amenities. It provides a ton of facilities that make life comfortable and enjoyable,

7 Libraries In Dubai That Book Lovers Must Check Out

libraries are one of them. It has so many diverse types of libraries, catering to different needs, interests, and age groups. All of them are helping literary addictive individuals save their money from buying expensive books. Bookworms experience ultimate joy by curling up with a coffee/tea and a good book in their hands.

If you’re unaware of libraries in Dubai and are willing to visit them, 7 Libraries In Dubai That Book Lovers Must Check Out this blog serves as your guide. It will acquaint you with the top seven where you can find your next great read.

The Lovers Of Books Must Check Out These 7 Libraries In Dubai


Dubai Public Library is a network of eight libraries around the city, operated by the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority. They are spread across different parts of the city, which makes them easily accessible for residents. They have a great collection of publications, comprising different genres, such as fiction, non-fiction, bibliography, and children’s stories. It has distinctive places available for both adults and children.

You can find various sections, specifically dedicated to magazines, newspapers, and audio-visual materials in Dubai public libraries. You can access computers and internet connection over there, making them a great place to conduct research. You can also attend their events and participate in their activities, such as storytelling sessions, workshops, and book clubs. The reason why we have listed this place top on our list is because they offer home delivery service for the elderly and people with disabilities.


Located in Deira, Dubai Women’s Library caters to exclusively women. It offers a diverse range of resources for women, such as books, magazines, and audio-visual materials. It also has a dedicated section for children and organizes various activities for them, including art workshops, storytelling sessions, and summer camps.

Once you sign up and become a member, you can easily access their computers and the internet. Overall, this place is not a mere place to find publications, it has become a community centre for women. It has become a platform where they come together and exchange their thoughts, ideas, or passions with one another.


The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is one of the hi-tech destinations on our list that was first opened in 2020. Located in Al Jaddaf, it is one of the largest libraries that covers an area of over 66,000 square meters. This book paradise has the most technologically advanced resources not only in Dubai but worldwide. It has a collection of over 4.5 million publications, including launches of top-notch book publishers in Dubai.

You will also find rare or unique manuscripts over there, making it a must-visit if you’re a scholar or researcher. Besides, this place also has a dedicated children’s section, a cinema, and an auditorium, sounds cool, right?  The most awe-inspiring feature ofthe Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is their awe-inspiring architecture. It has a design that resembles an open book and features a green roof, which acts as an urban park. Spending time over there and enjoying the views of the city will calm your mind and rejuvenate your soul.


The Emirates Literature Foundation Library is a non-profit organization that promotes a love for reading and writing in the UAE. So far, it has transformed individuals into lifelong bookworms across Dubai. It is located in Al Quoz and offers a great collection of over 16,000 books, including numerous genres. It offers a range of different activities for writers, such as writing centres, workshops, and events. You should visit this place if you’re passionate about reading and writing.


Al Safa Art & Design Library is a must-visit library if you’re an art enthusiast. Located in the Al Safa area of Dubai, it showcases a genuine dedication to art and design. It features over 8,000 magazines and books on various aspects of art, architecture, and design.

This place also regularly hosts workshops, exhibitions, and discussions by prominent artists and designs that you can participate in.  It also offers various innovative educational and interactive programs in the field of life skills, arts, and literature all year long. You can attend them with your children or parents, as people of all age groups can attend them.


Al Mankhool Library is a community library, found in the Bur Dubai area, which features a collection of over 30,000 books. Its main focus is on Arabic and English literature, as well as publications for children and youngsters. It also hosts regular events and workshops, like storytelling sessions, language classes, and books for children. You can immerse yourself in your favourite book while sitting in a quiet place, perfect to study, work, or get some hobby reading done.


Umm Suqeim Public Library is situated in the Umm Suqeim area of Dubai and features a collection of over 20,000 books. You will majorly find publications related to literature, history, and culture. It also offers many extra facilities, such as free Wi-Fi, book printing service, and scanning facilities. Just like all other options on our list, this library also has a separate children’s section with animated graphics and a kid’s collection. This place has got something for everyone, making it special for book buffs.

How many libraries are there in Dubai?

Though there are countless libraries present in Dubai today, the top ones are eight, affiliated withthe Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. It is spread all over the city, and seven out of them have specialized spaces for children, other than multi-purpose halls and classrooms.

Which library is formed like a book in Dubai?

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is designed in the shape of an open book on a lectern. It is a seven-story library, covering over 650,000 square feet of property which facilitates 9 million visitors annually. It has over 4.5 million printed, digital, and audiobooks.

Is there WIFI available in the Dubai library?

Some libraries have personal computers available which visitors can use to search the collection databases. They also have free Wi-Fi available all around their spaces for their visitors.

Final Verdict

From up-to-date libraries like Mohammed Bin Rashid Library to community-oriented ones like Dubai Women’s Library, this city offers a wide range of resources and services. Visiting them not only improves your knowledge but also provides a chance to connect with like-minded individuals. You can also take a tour of the above-mentioned places to explore the vibrant culture of Dubai.

So, next time you are in this city, make sure to visit one of these libraries. You’ll discover the world of books and the diverse knowledge that they offer, plus create new bonds with similar-minded people.