5 Tips to Choose the Best Pharmacy College for You

5 Tips to Choose the Best Pharmacy College for You

Getting into a good pharmacy college is a major milestone for all medical students. However, studying pharmaceutical science is not a simple feat. Many students face challenges in remembering complex subjects or lab report writing.Many students take the help of assignment help services or plagiarism checker tools to pass the entrance exams. It takes years of toil, sweat, and tears to get eligible to study this subject.

However, once you clear the entrance exams, it is time to get admitted to your desired pharma college. Most students get into a dilemma in deciding which college will be the best for them. On that note, here are five tips from career counsellors to help you decide how to choose the perfect college. Read along –

  1. Get a Clear Idea of Your Goals

You must ask yourself a few questions before anything else.

  • What do you want to do after graduating with Pharma?
  • What type of career do you want to pursue in Pharma?

Once you answer these questions, check if your college can meet your academic goals. Check if the institution’s students and alumni have a history of working in the types of organizations you desire. Also, check if the faculty members possess first-hand experience and enough knowledge to guide you in the careers you are interested in.

Depending on your academic goals, you can opt for a dual-degree program. For example, some students may desire to open their own pharmacy. If you want to run your own pharmacy, you may want a pharmacy school that offers PharmD and MBA courses.

  1. Decide How Long You Want to Be in School

You must have a clear idea about how long you can and want to study. These decisions may differ according to the student’s economic and other conditions. For example, a traditional Doctor of Pharmacy program runs for 4 years. Students need to attend 3 years of classes and lab sessions, followed by 1 year of on-field experience in different pharmacies.

Alternatively, there are plans that you can complete within 3 years. This accelerated PharmD curriculum allows you to start your residency year earlier than a traditional 4-year program. However, a student needs to work twice as hard and remain more dedicated to completing this 3-year PharmD program. These programs move at a faster pace and have lesser and shorter breaks. Speak with your seniors or career coaches to decide which format is right for you.

  1. Find Our Who Will Teach You

A pharmacy school has faculty members with diverse pharmacy experience and knowledge. Their expertise and knowledge may differ. If you want to learn more about a school’s faculty, check their website for faculty credentials. You can find their published work and other faculty-related information.

The teaching methods of the schools also differ. While some schools prefer teaching in person, certain other schools rely more on technology for distance learning. They use more digital mediums like onscreen instruction. Understand which methods suit you more.

Look for details if the program accreditation is genuine. Look beyond the program format, faculty, and class sizes. Finally, do not forget to ask about external support. You may miss certain lectures, and it becomes a trouble if the professors do not entertain students post the classroom hours.

  1. Research the Tuition and Scholarship Options

Before choosing a PharmD program, run internal research to check the tuition fees. Do consider the expenses. If the cost of the degree is too high, you may need to apply for an education loan. You need to assess if your earnings after the education course will be enough to pay off the loan.

Earning a PharmD degree is like making a personal investment. So, it is only wise to make a wise choice and not get driven by emotions. You can also apply for scholarships and take financial aid if you qualify to get one. These can drastically reduce the overall expenses. Hence, it is a smart choice to talk with the financial aid team and clear out the possible financial aid amount and payment plans before applying to a top pharmacy school.

  1. Consider the Campus Location & Environment

When a student steps into a college, it is evident that they will not spend their three or four years just within their classroom. This is the reason it is a smart choice to survey the campus and understand the culture before enrolling yourself in a school.

Look for the amenities in and outside the campus, the surrounding area, and places to unwind yourself. You may love city life more than quiet village life. All these choices go into consideration while deciding on your pharma college.

Summing up:

When choosing a pharma college, try to blend yourself with the students to get a sense of the campus community. Mingle with the students to find out if there are clubs and teams for students to join? You may love to play football, but the college has no focus on it. That is bound to make your college life a tad boring. Also, check if the students are friendly. It is difficult to work in a hostile environment. Take a virtual or a physical tour and see everything first-hand. Also, keep in mind the tips mentioned above and choose the pharma college of your dreams.

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