5 strategies to improve your learning

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5 strategies to improve your

Learning is not just easy. In many cases, the schools, colleges and universities do their best to enhance the learning abilities in students. The reason behind this is they want students to learn more easily what they are taught. Still, some students may not be able to learn easily. There should be a learning opportunity on how to learn quickly. If the student does not know how to learn then it doesn’t matter what colleges or students are teaching them. To overcome the difficulties in picking up the thing, we prepared a dedicated post for those students to help them learn smartly. Below are some tip to develop learning abilities in students.

1. Space does matter.

Each person must identify the place that promotes greater learning, some students prefer isolated and quiet environments, while others do it with music or in public places, and the important thing is to always have all the necessary resources nearby before starting a session. While some students prefer a Tuition for learning economics or any other subject they want to learn.

2. Assess reading comprehension.

Vadillo stresses that it is necessary to actively process what we read, ask ourselves how much we are understanding, relate the details to prior knowledge and make partial syntheses. These actions to interact with the texts are essential to learning better.

3. How to survive exams. 

For any type of exam, monthly, semester or annual, we must review over several days to consolidate the memory footprint. Ideally, knowledge should be used or skill practiced for such consolidation to be optimal.

4. New language?

In some institutions, it is compulsory to take, in addition to the usual subjects, classes for a second language. One piece of advice given by the UNAM professor is to immediately put into practice what was learned during the day: writing, talking, reading, and singing, watching movies or videos without subtitles.

5. Find more resources. 

If in the middle of a study session you have doubts, remember that you can find many answers about how to learn a specific discipline in online resources, which you can access at any time and which are a great option to strengthen your knowledge.

Finally, don’t forget that the main drivers for learning are motivation and clear goal-setting. Combined with a growth mindset and persistence, they will drive you to achieve high performance in all of your classes.

When we talk about learning, we automatically think of a process that implies the acquisition of any knowledge from the information we perceive, but that is what makes learning really meaningful and effective, that is, that we obtain the best results. Below we list five elements to enhance learning.

Abilities. These reflect the capacities or aptitudes that we have to carry out a certain activity or task, and although some are innate, it is also true that we have the ability to acquire them or improve them with practice, so do not hesitate to make use of them and exercise them to increase your knowledge within your learning process.

Habits. When we refer to habits, we usually associate them with something that we are used to or constantly do, this is how within learning, having certain study habits is very useful to develop and consolidate our knowledge day by day.

Techniques. The techniques consist of a series of steps that we follow in order to achieve a certain objective, to achieve better results within the learning process. For example: when we make use of certain study techniques to improve understanding of the materials that we must study, where the important thing, in addition to following these techniques, is to be able to personalize them, that is, to adapt the steps that we consider most useful according to our abilities and desired goals.

Instruments. These refer to the material resources, tools and operational means that we have and that we must make use of, to enhance learning as they facilitate practice and study tasks.

Strategies. We can define study strategies or learning strategies, as a process that involves the coordinated and structured implementation of the study method to follow, according to the skills we have, the techniques to use, the instruments we will use, etc. ., to achieve the objectives that we want to obtain taking into account the importance of our personal commitment, within an academic performance, as well as developing the capacity for self-evaluation to correct and improve our learning process.

As we all know, learning, in general, implies a great commitment, therefore making use of these five elements will help us improve our results considerably.

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