20 featured packaging design 2022

20 featured packaging design 2022

Custom Packaging is durable, and it utilizes cardboard, bux board, and Kraft materials. These materials enhance the resistance of the boxes against heat and moisture. This packaging has various shapes and sizes. Digital printing, screen printing, and offset printing improve the outlook of the boxes. Images can also be easily added with the help of this packaging. Unique color schemes and themes are also available for enhancing the visibility of the products. Finishing techniques increase the texture and smoothness of the boxes. Spot UV, gloss, and matte are the perfect option for increasing the resistance of the boxes against dust particles.  

Custom Packaging improves the overall impact of the products. Brands use this packaging to gain popularity and beat their competitors. These boxes are eco-friendly and can be reused multiple times. The cost-effectivity of this packaging makes it easier for small businesses to purchase these boxes. When companies start to introduce their products in the market, they need these boxes. Experts recommend using this packaging to increase the aesthetics of the products. To win the hearts of the customers, you need to use this packaging. It is important to keep on using the updated packaging to gain more customers. Following are some of the best-featured packaging designs for 2022. 

Flip-top custom Packaging: 

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Custom printed boxes with a flip-top closure design increase the safety of the products. These boxes are famous in the market because of their enhanced protection. The presence of the flip is the best way to increase the resistance of the products from external factors. These boxes are mainly used for food products. Bakeries and food chains make sure that they are using this packaging design to impress customers. The delivery and transportation of the food products become easier when using this packaging design. 

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Product boxes with images of the products enhance the value of the brand. Tuck-end designs are important for jewelry products. This packaging design has opening and closing flaps. When products are present in this packaging, the integrity of the products remains intact. Experts recommend this packaging to be the best for shipping purposes. When products are present in these boxes, customers also become confident about their purchases. When products are shipped from storage houses to the factories, dust particles can ruin their texture. To avoid this situation, you must use this packaging.  

Gabble boxes: 

Custom product packaging with a gabble design is famous for its strength. The presence of the cross-handle design increases the interest of the customers in your products. They think that you are concerned about keeping the products safe. This packaging is available at reasonable prices for keeping bakery products such as cakes and muffins. This packaging also offers the perfect increase the shelf impact. Beauty brands also use this packaging to increase the temptation of the customers. You can also add the details of the products to gain the trust of the customers. Finishing options are also available for these boxes to leave an impression. 

Die-cut packaging: 

Custom boxes with die-cut window packaging are famous for their appearance. The addition of a die-cut window increases the transparency of the products. Customers trust the brand that already gives them an overview of the quality of the products. This packaging is available for food items and sweet products to improve sales. Makeup companies are using this packaging to provide their customers with a great view. Also, it helps to watch the texture of the products. When customers buy the products, they prefer to buy the items in descriptive packaging. 


Custom printed boxes with a bottom-closure packaging design protect the products. When luxury products are being shipped, people get concerned about the quality. There are many chances that pressure and collision can destroy the products. When the packaging has a bottom-closure design, no leakage will be there. Usually, this packaging is preferred to keep CBD products. These products can leak easily because of bumpy roads. This will not happen if you are using this design. 

Compartment style: 

Cardboard boxes with compartments are perfect for keeping products protected. This design is used for luxury products because of their sensitivity. The presence of the compartments in these boxes allows you to keep multiple products in this packaging. When companies sell chocolates and muffins, they have to utilize this packaging. The products present in this packaging remain in perfect shape. The size and the width of the compartment can be according to your choice.  

Pyramid packaging:

Another featured design to attract customers is the pyramid packaging. The best feature of these boxes is their sturdiness. Heat and moisture do not destroy the overall quality of the boxes. Cardboard has the perfect resistance against these factors. The shape of the packaging makes the products compelling. With the help of printing methods, you can highlight the details of the products. Experts prefer choosing a digital method of printing to give an excellent finish. 

Round boxes: 

When companies use round packaging, they become stress-free. The perfection of the shape and close ends provide a great chance for the companies to safely place the products. These boxes are available for cakes and muffins. Bakeries are also using them to keep donuts and cookies safe. You can easily print the logo of your brand to gain the trust of the customers. 

Two-piece gift packaging: 

Gifts are usually given in the perfect packages to increase the value of the present. With this packaging, your loved ones will experience the best packaging. It is print-friendly, and to give a further twist; you can also use accessories. These accessories can be in any form, including assortments, ribbons, and bows. Experts recommend using these accessories according to the demand of the festivals.

Textured packaging: 

This packaging is gaining new heights of popularity in the market. When customers use this packaging, they notice the texture quality. Makeup companies use this packaging to amaze their customers. Beauty gurus also prefer this packaging to introduce their new eye-shadows. The texture and the colors of the boxes are dependent on the type of products you are using them for. 

Loud and modern fonts: 

With an increase in the competition in the market, customers are aware of the fact they need to use loud and modern fonts to attract customers. This packaging makes your products compelling because of the overall amazing presentation. When you print your exciting deals with the right and bold typographic fonts, your customers will bring more customers. This can also increase the visibility of your brand, and brand recognition will touch new heights. 

Vintage packaging: 

The trend of using vintage packaging is again on the rise. These boxes are eye-catching and always attract customers. The impact of the vintage theme and color schemes is perfect for selling CDs and DVDs products. Companies also use this packaging for decoration pieces. Make sure that the theme you use in the boxes resonates with the theme of the products.

Flat illustrations: 

Many times experts have focused on using the images related to the products in the boxes. This is important for increasing the superiority of the products. For an increase in the value of the products and to stay unique, you must use this packaging. The flat illustrations on the boxes amaze the customers. It helps in bringing more customers to your products. These illustrations can also be easily created by utilizing color models, including CMYK and PMS. 

Solid allover color custom Packaging: 

When it comes to the designs of the boxes, some products demand solid packaging. This can also come under the category of the minimalistic approach. Many companies know the needs of the customers. They prefer to keep their products simple and to make them more attractive in a sophisticated manner. It is wise to use a solid overall colored packaging to impress customers. This packaging is perfect for keeping your important business cards and files. 

Abstract packaging: 

This packaging is becoming famous because of its outstanding presentation. Companies are mainly using this packaging to give a soft overview of their products. Cosmetic businesses use this packaging to increase the value of their products. Brands that sell arts and accessories related to arts are using this packaging. The presentation of this packaging brings new customers to your business. 

Handles on top: 

Another featured packaging design is to add a handle on the top. This will make it easy for the customers to carry the products. Bakeries and food chains use this design to facilitate their customers. When customers are buying sweet delights such as pies and cakes, they want to buy them in durable packaging. The handles also make sure safe transportation. 

Addition of Custom inserts: 

This packaging is winning the hearts of the customers because of the availability of custom inserts. When these boxes are used, you will have the choice of using additional custom inserts and slots. Many companies use this packaging to give their customers the best packaging experience. Experts also recommend adding pockets and small fits in these boxes. When customers get to know about the additional inserts, they become excited and will prefer to buy from you. 

Pillow packaging: 

These boxes will give you the best sales because of their amazing design. This packaging is used for shipping gifts and keeping products safe during shifting. When festivals and occasions are around, you can use this packaging to impress the customers. These boxes are also perfect for keeping Christmas and Halloween gifts. These boxes are usually made of Kraft and can be easily recycled. 

Sleeve packaging: 

This packaging design is used for macarons and cookies. It is high in demand in the market because of its exceptional design. The additional packaging layer for this design enhances the protection. You can also use finishing methods to make these boxes stain-free. When customers enter the shop, they prefer to pick this packaging because of its amazing durability.  

Subscription boxes: 

This packaging is important for increasing the brand recognition of the products. When businesses that are just getting started to introduce their products in the market, they utilize this packaging. Moreover, these boxes are used by big brands to send gifts to their clients and business associates. These boxes come with a lid and leave a great impression on the customers. You can also use this packaging for displaying your art products.  Custom Packaging with unique designs is important to gain better revenues. There are many designs available for packages. Experts always recommend keeping on changing the designs to keep your customers hooked to your products. These designs include tuck end design, round packaging design, and compartment style. For the printing strategies and designs, you can use colorful packaging or vintage themes according to the type of the products.