10 blogging stats you need to know

10 blogging stats you need to know

10 blogging stats you need to know

If you are gearing up to step your foot in the ecommerce marketing business, you must witness these ten blogging stats. This article will focus on the essential blogging stats that every ambitious content writer must understand for their gratification. Just knowing and understanding the prominence of blogging for a business is enough to start your venture. Blogging statistics give you a clear picture of the success rate of blogs in various fields of marketing.
Every aspiring blogger ponders the answers to questions like- What is the average blog length. Getting a clear picture of statistics allows you to make smooth decisions without incurring damage or repentance in your ambitious journey. Without further delay, let’s jump into the top 10 blog statistics you must need to know.

How many blogs exist online?

  1. How many blogs exist online?
    To understand the enormous opposition against you, you must focus on the number of blogs existing in the online world. There are more than 60 million blogs on the internet on 1.7 billion websites. This mammoth amount of blogs forces bloggers to create content that stands out from millions of other competitors. 10 blogging stats you need to know
    Choosing a unique layout design, imagery, and solid visual cues help content writers stand out from the gigantic competition. Blogs are written on a magnificent topic with never been seen before, and statistics continue to be in audiences’ good graces.

Which is the most popular format among content marketers?

  1. Which is the most popular format among content marketers?
    If you answered blogs, pat yourself on the back. Blogs continue to govern the ecommerce marketing business and content marketing strategies, with 86% of content writers using them to promote a venture. More than 55% of content writers proclaim that blogging has converted infrequent readers into loyal fanbases.
    Infographics continue to be one of the most used blog formats for marketing. Eight out of ten content writers use blog posts to achieve mutual marketing goals, according to SEMrush 2020 and find the best Content writing Services Delhi.

What is the average blog length

  1. What is the average blog length
    Every content writer must’ve pondered the answer to this question. Regrettably, there is no concrete answer to this question. The appearance and importance of a topic and blog format with the required informational makeup for relevant factors in deciding the blog length for a topic.
    According to Oberlo, in 2019, the average blog post is 1236 words, which is 53% higher than what it was six years ago. Blog posts under 600 words fell from over 20% or percent to around five percent.

Average time taken to write a blog

  1. Average time taken to write a blog
    While this is subjective to experience and creative power, there is unpredictably a statistic available to determine the average length taken. The average size taken to write a blog post is 3 hours and 57 minutes. According to Oberlo, around 30 minutes longer than 2018 and a 65 percent increase from 2014. Nearly 40% of bloggers will show dedication and take 6 hours to produce a blog post 10 blogging stats you need to know
    According to recent statistics, bloggers are more determined and keen to produce top-notch blogs with prolific results. Only 23% of bloggers spend 2-3 hours writing a blog post.
10 blogging stats you need to know

How are blogs promoted

  1. How are blogs promoted
    Around a whopping 97% of the content writers promote their blogs on social media. Facebook and Instagram are conspicuously used to write and promote blogs. Twitter is the best microblogging social media network to write concise microblogs. There is no reason not to take advantage of social media to promote blogs.

Blogs posting frequency

  1. Blogs posting frequency
    According to HubSpot 2020, companies post 16 blogs per month receive 3.5 more traffic than lesser occurrence blogs. Thus factor depends on the priorities, goals, and marketing strategies employed by a business. Getting brand responsiveness and generating organic traffic is the primary purpose of a blog.
    Fulfil your ecommerce marketing business strategies by writing blogs more often with consistency. Blogs are considered the principal source of information by audiences who do not doubt their reliability and credibility. Publish informatively and quality content to generate eccentric traffic.

Role in influencing sales

  1. Role in influencing sales
    Around 60% of consumers have proclaimed that blogs have encouraged them to book a product. Blogs are highly enlightening and facilitate sales in the blink of an eye. Having brand-building qualities, they generate liking and remembrance for a product or service.
    As many as 96 percent of buyers say the quality of content can often be improved by removing sales messages from it, according to Oberlo. Two-thirds of consumers wish to see more data on products that fulfil their inclinations.

Blogging as an inbound priority

  1. Blogging as an inbound priority
    More than half of content writers have said that blogging is their top inbound marketing priority, according to HubSpot 2020. 55% of content marketing strategies are rewarded using blogs. When content writers wish to create deliberation and remembrance of a brand, they resort to blogging and graphic designing for a website.
    Blogs are credible sources of information. With statistical data and solid visual cues, they fit in perfectly with a brand and resonate with audiences. 70% of content marketers invest their resources in blogging heavily.

How many people read blogs online?

  1. How many people read blogs online?
    It is common knowledge that blogs are the most unswerving and authentic source of information. As a budding content writer, have you wondered the percentage of people that read blogs online. More than 77% of audiences who use social media read blogs online. Around 41% of those blogs are written on WordPress.
    Blogs are excellently promoted on social media using social media stories and live videos. They are also posted on social media feeds, with open-hearted comments permitted.

How many bloggers make a permanent mark?

  1. How many bloggers make a permanent mark?
    Around 67% of bloggers say that they are productive and renowned in the content Writing services world. More than half of the bloggers claim to have generated success from either one blogs or many blogs. Bloggers like Neil Patel are the perfect example of what hard work and quality content bring to a person. Blogs must be informative and engaging.
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